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Winter Speed Windsurf Session

Sorry for the lack of updates here lately but it’s just been the usual run of the mill stuff lately. Training, working, and running around as usual. We did spend a day at the weekend driving to Swansea and back to look at a van, but we didn’t like what we saw so didn’t buy it. Other...

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Braving Storm Barbara – Windsurfing and Biking

What a day that was! There has been very little wind for what seems like ages. Very little apart from the mad, short-lived and very destructive squall that we had back in November. The forecast for the run up to Christmas was looking good wind-wise though so I was chomping at the bit and ready to...

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Sunny Windsurf Session

After my first windsurf session for absolutely ages on Monday, the conditions on Tuesday were even better. Much sunnier and a bit windier too with slightly larger waves as well. It would have been rude not to go out again but with a busy day planned and lots to do I only just managed to...

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Just Checking that I can still Windsurf

Thought I’d better check that I could still windsurf seeing as it has been howling for days. Popped over to the beach with my 5m sail and 85 ltr Naish Hybrid Freewave. 25-30 knots WNW winds and some fairly meaty, messy swells to play with. The odd crazy squall to contend with as well,  but I...

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Outdoor Pursuits in Aberystwyth

Considering the amount of time I used to spend windsurfing, surfing, mountain-biking and other such Outdoor Pursuits I have been fairly lacking in such activities lately. Other things seem to have taken over and there just aren’t enough hours in the day and days in the week to fit it all in. Triathlon training certainly...

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Is everything a month late this year? – Windsurfing at Ynyslas 1

Is everything a month late this year? – Windsurfing at Ynyslas

I’ve just got back from a quick early morning windsurf session in the estuary super-chop at Ynyslas thanks to Ivor, our katabtic wind who was in full force this morning. Nothing too unusual there really expect for the fact that I haven’t been windsurfing much lately. There used to be a time that I’d be up at...

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Windsurfing Returns

Hooray, I finally managed to get out on the water windsurfing over the weekend. Usually its just the lack of wind that prevents me from windsurfing but lately with big races such as the European Triathlon Championships looming it has been a combination of lack of wind, lack of time and the fear of injury that has kept...

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A Windy Fartlek Run 1

A Windy Fartlek Run

Fartlek is always a funny word for us and when included with the word ‘windy’ I guess it’s a little funnier, but a fartlek session what I had planned for yesterdays main training session so that’s what I did. For those who don’t know what it means, Wikipedia have it defined as: Fartlek, which means “speed...

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Non-Stop Busy-ness

Being a freelance website designer may mean that I have a distinct lack of disposable income – in fact sometimes it means I have a complete lack of income let alone that of a disposable nature – but it does mean that I can work, rest and play to my own schedule rather than being tied...

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Back on the Water – Windsurfing at Ynyslas

Well, after a day in the hills on Sunday and my first mountain bike ride for ages, it was time to go windsurfing for the first time in months too. Most people who know me will know that I ‘usually’ windsurf pretty much anytime there’s wind which here means most days of the year! However,...

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It’s Been a While

It’s been a while, but I finally got out windsurfing again today. Last time I was out was March 7th which for me is ages. In fact I’d have to say that it is easily the longest I’ve gone without windsurfing for the past 10 years. Would I remember how to do it? It wasn’t...

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