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Sunrise at Ynyslas

Thought I should share a nice photo of the sunrise over Ynyslas. Looking East towards the rising sun with the beach behind me. As you can see, it’s not a terrible place to live, even if this was the last bit of sun we saw for a while! It’s been raining pretty much the whole...

Fossil Tree Stump 2

Beach Features

The beach here has changed considerably over the past year or so. The submerged forest only used to be exposed on very low tides and usually only in a few patches. However, since the construction of the sea defences in Borth this has changed. The forest is now exposed in huge swathes all along the...


Far out on the Sandbanks

Anna and I went for a low tide walk at the weekend. It had been a lovely day so I’d spent most of it in the garden. The clear up continued and things are now ready for summer. As well as tidying up and weeding the borders I cut back lots of shrubs. I also...


Pushing the Limits of the land

I had a busy day today but did manage to finish work on time. I therefore headed out for a nice walk along the beach and ended up pushing the limits of the land. The weather was grey, misty and damp and my walk happened to coincide with low tide. It was a fairly big...


Walking Diffwys in the Rhinogs

Monday’s aren’t too bad really, especially when you can spend the day walking up Diffwys in the Rhinog mountains. We had an uneventful weekend. It was nice and I did manage to get out for a chilly and slightly damp bike ride on Saturday, followed by a surf ski. On Sunday it was time for...

New Curved Channel 1

Shifting Sandbanks

Early Morning Windsurf I popped out for an early morning windsurf session between the sandbanks in the estuary this morning. High tide was around 7am, but sunrise wasn’t until 8am so I couldn’t really get out before high tide. I therefore left it until it was getting light before heading to the estuary. I rigged...

Route to Pontrhydfendigaid 2

We’ve Been Out!!!

Well, that was exciting. Anna and I left Ynyslas and drove all the way to Pontrhydfendigaid to do some Christmas shopping! That’s the furthest we’ve been from home since March by a long way.  I can’t say what we were buying as I don’t want to give anything away but it was weird being so...


Clear and Bright at Ynyslas

Nothing much here, just a photo of Ynyslas from a clear, bright and quiet day last week.


Pandemic Perambulation

With the lockdown still in full effect and a recovery day on the cards for me I decided to make the most of my allocated outdoor exercise with a nice easy walk. It was chilly in the breeze and there were April showers promised so I had a raincoat with me just in case as...