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Lots of posts end up in the general category – it’s often not the best place for them, but if we forget to assign them to a category this is where they’ll be. I guess really ALL posts should go into the general category.

Fun in the Canoe 0

Fun in the Canoe

With half of the Cole Clan visiting for the week, it would have been rude not to have some fun on the beach. OK, the sun wasn’t exactly shining, but it was warm and the sea was calling. Ryder in particular wanted to go in the canoe as I think did Max so it was...

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Garden and Tearoom Sign 1

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary at Cae Hir Gardens

Quite how Anna has put up with me for 15 years I’ll never know. She has though, so we headed towards Lampeter on Wednesday morning for a day out together at Cae Hir Gardens. It wasn’t really a ‘day’ out to be fair, more an hour or so strolling around the gardens in the sunshine....

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A Prickly Visitor

Look who we’ve had visiting our garden. It’s the first time we’ve seen a hedgehog here but we’ve now seen it a couple of times this past week or so. I’m not sure what it’s doing out in the daylight though.

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OVO Energy Women’s TOur

I had a slightly different day at work on Friday. Rather than the usual day in the office and labs at the University it was off to Builth Wells for a schools outreach day at the OVO Energy Women’s Tour. It did mean that Marco and I had an early start and a drive through...

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Cosmo is never going to be as chilled and friendly as Luna was but here she is in a rare chilled moment in her tunnel. Parkin is probably sat just outside shot trying to avoid eye contact with anyone but not wanting to miss out on any food opportunities!

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Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon World Championships

This was the big race in many peoples Quadrathlon Calendar. It wasn’t just a World Cup race, but the actual World Championships so the field was stacked and many of the top Quadrathletes were there and fighting fit. It would be fast up at the pointy end! I wouldn’t be troubling that end of the...

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Quadrathlon Camp Day 1

You’d be forgiven for thinking that after a day away racing in the Fishguard Bay Ocean Race I’d be happy to have a slow start the next day. Try telling by body that. Instead it was up at 5am and raring to go. I didn’t want to leave too early for North Wales though. I...

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Fishguard Bay Ocean Race

Typical hey? It’d been months and months, possibly more than a year since I’d had even the slightest sniffle, but I woke up on Friday feeling a little Bleurgh! I had a sore throat and just felt a little weak, nothing too bad but not ideal the day before the first event of the year....

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