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Lots of posts end up in the general category – it’s often not the best place for them, but if we forget to assign them to a category this is where they’ll be. I guess really ALL posts should go into the general category.

Borth sunset 1

Reminders of Home

I have lived in West Wales for a long time and pretty much fell in love with it from the first day, but before coming to university in Aberystwyth I lived on the Isle of Man which is also a very lovely place to live. I’ve always thought the Isle of Man and Aberystwyth are...

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The Best UK Cities to Buy a New Home 0

The Best UK Cities to Buy a New Home

Searching for that perfect home can take months or even years of careful consideration. Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or buying an existing one, finding the right neighbourhood and combination of amenities that works for you and your family is crucial. There are many criteria to consider when purchasing any...

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The Christmas Lottery 1

The Christmas Lottery

Christmas is approaching, and before too long it will have crept up on us once again as we battle the elements and try to get that last-minute shopping done. While Christmas in the UK means turkey, mince pies and mawkish ads for department stores, a Spanish Christmas has one unique extra element. That additional feature...

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