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Lots of posts end up in the general category – it’s often not the best place for them, but if we forget to assign them to a category this is where they’ll be. I guess really ALL posts should go into the general category.

Saying Hello 1

When Millie came to stay

As a favour for a friend we did some dog sitting. We wondered what the cats would think and I wondered if this might encourage Morgan to get out in the great outdoors. The cats didn’t seem bothered at all. We had a plan to keep dog and cats separate at different ends of the...

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Autumnal Surf Ski

After a summer of flat water, small waves and nice warm temperatures it was good to get out for a surf ski in some slightly more intimidating conditions. 3 foot messy surf left over from storm Bronagh and enough of a southerly wind to kick up some chop. It wasn’t warm out there either. The...

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Conwy Mountain Challenge 3

Conwy Mountain Challenge – Race Report

The Conwy Mountain Challenge was the second race of what will hopefully be four races in 3 weekends for me. The British Quadrathlon Trophy Series of races were a bit unevenly spaced this year with 3 weekends of races back to back. 2nd Sept – Shrewsbury Quad 9th Sept – Conwy Mountain Challenge 15th Sept...

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Our cats are still a little odd. Luna does at least like spending time with us and comes into the lounge most evenings for a bit of a head rub. She even posed for a photo the other day. So, as it’s Anna’s birthday, here’s a ‘Happy Birthday’ to Anna from Luna

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Three Perfect Opportunities for a Family Holiday 0

Three Perfect Opportunities for a Family Holiday

Most people are thrilled by the thought of going on holiday. This could be because it’s an opportunity for them to unapologetically put their feet up or because they’re curious about the many destinations that the world has to offer. However, seeing as people tend to have work schedules, bills, and responsibilities, they aren’t able...

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How to Care for Your Health When You Travel Abroad 0

How to Care for Your Health When You Travel Abroad

The world is a beautiful, wondrous place full of exciting landscapes and cultures. From food to sights, from sounds to textures, there is so much to see and explore in the world. Travelling the world is a dream, and though many of us cannot afford the whole world, we can save up and splurge for...

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