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Weblog as Therapy

Lots of posts end up in the general category – it’s often not the best place for them, but if we forget to assign them to a category this is where they’ll be. I guess really ALL posts should go into the general category.


The Joys of Spring

It’s only going to be short-lived as the weather is getting colder again soon, but it certainly felt like Spring out there today. There were still some small waves left over so after missing out a little on them over the weekend I started Monday morning with a lovely little surf ski paddle in the waves....

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Riding the North Face Trail 1

Off to The Lakes

It seems silly to drive 200 miles, a drive that takes over 4 hours, just so that I can go surf skiing, mountain biking and running, but that’s what I decided to do this weekend. Some people had organised something of a surf-skiers get together and paddle on Ullswater. I have a camper van and...

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