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Automating Wave Accounting, Mail and Calendar

Time for a bit of a technology related, geeky post about how I’ve recently automated part of my workflow thanks to Mail Rules, Folder Actions, Automator and AppleScript. As you might know from a previous post, I’m in the process of transferring to a new accounting solution called Wave. As part of the transition I...

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iPhone and case 1

New Phone, new accessories

I’ve needed a new phone for a while. I did have a nice iPhone 5C that did the job well enough but very kindly swapped with Morgan for my even older iPhone 4 so that he could Pokémon while that was all the craze. Needless to say he hasn’t been that inclined to swap back...

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Time Machine 0

Back Ups

I’m paranoid about data backups. We should all be really considering how much of our personal data is stored on our various devices. For me, it’s not just the precious data such as family photos, videos and such like, but of course also all of my business data and media that I create for clients....

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Speed Test After 1

Fibre to the Property

At last, we have Fibre to the Property (FTTP) Broadband, and it seems to be working well. If you read my previous post on this matter you’ll know that BT somehow managed to mess up our order so it took a couple of months to actually get it. But, now, finally we are living life...

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Movement Levels 4

Sleep Tracking Comparisons – Garmin Fenix 3 and Xiaomi Mi Band

I’m not the greatest of sleepers – sorry, but I can’t be good at everything! So, I’ve always been interested in sleep tracking just how much sleep I do actually get. My Garmin Fenix 3 does this for me thanks to it’s inbuilt sleep tracking abilities (just one more reason why I love it), but...

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Higi Rewards 13

Get Rewarded when you Exercise

Exercise Rewards As far as I’m concerned, exercise of almost any form is already fairly rewarding. It’s good for your health, it’s good for your general wellbeing, it makes you look and feel good, it can get you out in the real world doing cool things and visiting nice places and the release of endorphins...

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Box 2

Divoom AuraBox

Just a quick review of a the Divoom Aurabox that I acquired the other day courtesy of mobilefun.co.uk. I’d been thinking about getting a bluetooth enabled speaker so that I could play music or podcasts from my phone for a while. Doing so via bluetooth works well in my car but since getting rid of my...

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Garmin Folders on Fenix 3 7

Fenix 3 Back up and Restore

I’ve recently had some people asking how to restore their Fenix 3 after performing a master reset. Essentially they had used my preferred Fenix 3 set up post to get their devices just the way they wanted them, but then for one reason or another had to reset their device which meant they lost all...

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