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Garden Picture in Picture 1

Picture in Picture of the Past in the Present

I came across a cool little idea yesterday on a website called ‘Dear Photograph‘. It’s a simple idea where you take a photograph of a photograph. The photograph comes from the past but you overlay it in the same position in the present so that you end up with a photograph of the past in...

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Grey Herons 0

Springwatch Webcams at Ynyshir

Springwatch starts tonight on the BBC. As mentioned elsewhere in this blog, this year (and for the next couple of years at least) they are coming live from Ynyshir RSPB Nature reserve in the Dyfi Valley, just up the road from us here in West Wales. It’s the perfect place for them with stunning scenery,...

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Skylark 0


I spotted a couple of Skylarks in the garden this morning. We see quite a few around here and on sunny days in the summer can hear them singing constantly whilst in their distinction display flight. It’s good to see them because, although they are the UK’s commonest lark, in recent times the Skylark population...

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Planets in the Night Sky 0

Planets in the Night Sky Widgets I’ve always wanted to know more about the various objects we can see in the night sky. I know a few of them but I’m certainly no expert, I just have never got around to really studying the sky and learning what everything is. [Edit April 4th 2015 – I’m actually getting a...

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UK Snow Map 3

Winter Firsts

Well, we had our first sprinkling of snow for the winter last night. Only a tiny bit here and temperatures were down to -1.2ºC on the weather station. Morgan was unimpressed, but Anna and I are always excited by a bit of snow. There could be a bit more on the way as well. If...

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