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Woodcock in the Garden

Look who I found hiding in the undergrowth in the garden this morning. A Woodcock. I assume there’s something not quite right with him but he seemed fairly happy and scuttled off once I’d taken a photo. I’ll shall check on him again later of he’s still there.


Derwen and Dingle

After an exciting Friday on the sea, we had a slightly more relaxed Saturday. Steve headed home feeling a little battered and bruised. I was quite tired too. However, while he was here I suggested we all meet up in Derwen Garden Centre on Saturday. We checked with Anna and Biddy and they were keen...

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Catching up in the Garden

The garden always looks a little untidy and overgrown at this time of year. I kind of like to let it do its own thing to a certain extent so it’s partly by design, but my OCD and perfectionism can’t stand it for too long. It was therefore good to get out there at the...


A Pond Update

It’s been a few weeks since we first built our pond. It seems to be maturing well and looks nice. There was a bit of an initial algal bloom, but that was expected and didn’t come to much. It’s now full of life and already looks fairly mature. The water is full of larvae of...

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Developing Garden

Anna came across a photo of the pergola in the garden when it was new the other day and laughed about the fact that it look ‘plonked’ in the middle of the garden. She did have a point I guess, but I did have a plan. As anyone who gardens will know, such things need...

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Garden Tales

It’s been a bit dreary these last few days, but things are growing well in the garden. Here are a few photos from around the garden at the weekend. The blackcurrants are flowering well and should have lots of fruit later in the year. The comfrey looks good. The bluebells are putting on their usual...


Conifer Bonsai

Project Pond wasn’t my only garden project at the weekend. I also had a somewhat more relaxing project in the form of a bonsai tree. Whilst at Charlies Garden Centre in Aberystwyth I rescued a poorly looking fern and a frost-damaged conifer. They were reduced in price and needed some TLC. The Fern was planted...

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Bank Holiday Planting

Crowds With a long weekend thanks to the Easter Bank Holidays, it could only mean one thing – time in the garden to get it ready for the summer. I know it’s not that exciting and seems to be what the masses do for the Eater weekend, but sometimes you just have to go with...


More Time in the Garden

It’s that time of year when I could almost write a blog post about the garden on a daily basis as there’s so much happening. Even on the slightly grey dreary days there’s plenty to do and plenty of new plants and flowers emerging. On the sunny days it seems to transform itself. Jobs to...

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Timing it Right in the Garden

As the winter fades away and the spring sun begins to warm our days, it’s time to start thinking about getting the garden ready for the new season. There is something so satisfying about a well-maintained garden. Not only does it make our outdoor space look beautiful, but it also provides a place of solace...