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Garden Retreat

At least we are still allowed out into our garden during the Coronavirus lockdown. The weather has been pretty good for it too. 9 days without rain and counting means that the floodwaters have receded and I’ve been able to do a bit of tidying up out there. Hedges and taller shrubs have been cut...


Self-Isolating in the Garden

You saw my attempts at social distancing yesterday with a nice surf-ski paddle on the sea miles from anyone. Luckily we can self-isolate in the garden too. It was feeling quite Spring-like out there over the weekend. The sun was shining, I mowed the lawn for the first time this year and there was quite...


Garden Photos and Bees in May

As it’s such a nice day I just couldn’t resist lunch in the garden. Not the best time of day for photos but here are a few photos from the garden anyway. The bees were certainly busy. Not just our honey bees but all sorts of other bees too. It’s always nice to see the...


Signs of Spring?

It doesn’t feel as though we’ve even started Winter yet. Regardless, there are already signs of Spring in the garden with Daffodil shoots, Periwinkle flowers, flower buds on the Hellebore and even some rhubarb shoots breaking through the soil. It’s not looking very Spring-like out over the sea this morning though.

Corn on the cob 1

Harvest Time

I guess it is harvest festival time. Despite not spending too much time working in the garden this summer it is producing well at the moment. The courgettes are still fattening up and providing us with a steady supply. There are tomatoes galore, and even some corn on the cob. Plenty of rhubarb for rhubarb crumbles...

Ramsey 1

Summer Continues

The gorgeous summer weather continues here. 25.5ºC yesterday which was plenty hot enough, especially for lawn mowing! 20ºC today was mouch more comfortable and lovely blue skies throughout. The sea is feeling as though summer is here and the garden is growing well. I had a busy day on Monday, starting off the day with a...

Primulas 1

Springtime in the Garden

Nothing much to report from the weekend really, except for the fact that the thick sea fog that we had to contend with on Friday did clear on Saturday to leave a glorious day. Perfect for a surf ski paddle and then a Gravel Bike ride in the hills. The enforced rest of the previous week...

Coffee Break 2

Garden Clearance

I do often wonder what things would be like if I didn’t do quite so much training each week. It’s takes up quite a lot of time, usually about 15 hours a week. I’m not training seriously at the moment but trying to fit in several swim, kayak, bike and run sessions a week, along...