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Ynyslas Surf 1

Epic Surf Session

After an awesome day in the hills on Sunday morning, I was back home by around 2:30 pm and the surf was going off!! It was warm, the sun was shining and the waves were pumping. What better way to cool off after a run in the hills than jumping in the surf for what...


Surf Therapy

I’ve had a cold all week. It was brewing last weekend while kayaking and walking in the hills but it got a little worse after that. I’ve been good, putting all ‘training’ on hold and have done nothing other than sit at my computer working. It never got really bad so no time off was...


Catching Waves

My new surfboard is proving it’s worth. I was half expecting there to be no surf for ages having treated myself to a new board, but that hasn’t been the case. I’ve therefore managed to get out on it a couple of time already. The first time was a little short-lived as I snapped my...


New Board Day

I know it seems like I’m always buying new toys, but I’m not really! Take my surfboards for instance. The last time I bought a new surfboard was last century. I can’t even remember exactly when because ‘blogging’ hadn’t been invented then so there’s no record of it on this weblog! It must have been...


Double Dipping and Destruction

That’s more like it – Saturday was a double dip day! Surfing I started off with a nice surf in Borth. The sun was shining, well it was when it wasn’t absolutely hammering it down!. The waves were good too and I had a new board to try out. I caught some nice waves and...

Bugs eye view 1

A Bugs Eye View

One nice thing about having the garden under control is the fact that whilst feeling ill with Covid I’ve at least been able to sit in the garden without an over-whelming urge to do some work on it. Everything is tidy and doing well so I’ve been able to just sit and chill. It’s not...



The weekend just gone was all about power! A lack of electrical power some of the time, and plenty of power from the Forces-of-nature. The Forces-of-Nature Saturday saw strong wind here at Ynyslas. 50-60mph all day long and with temperatures close to freezing it was quite an adventure just going outdoors. Anna and I took...


Cracking Waves at Ynyslas

We had a fairly rare (for this time of year) calm day here at Ynyslas on Monday. Well, calm for here anyway with winds in the 10-20 knot range but they were blowing offshore and there was a lovely swell to go with it. A nice 3 foot swell peeling nicely off the sandbanks at...


Grey Waves

It’s that time of year between Christmas and New Year. We’re all at home, there’s loads of food to be eaten and there’s not much happening. This year it’s also pretty grey and uninteresting out there. Thursday was drizzly and still to start the day so I headed out for a nice easy run. I’ve...

Pastel Waves 0

Mother Nature Showtime

Mother Nature is putting on quite a show again this morning. Big Surf, 50 knot winds and a glorious sunrise. I couldn’t resist a few more photos. This post is therefore nothing but a few nice photos of the sea and the beach here at Ynyslas.