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Higi Rewards 12

Get Rewarded when you Exercise

Exercise Rewards As far as I’m concerned, exercise of almost any form is already fairly rewarding. It’s good for your health, it’s good for your general wellbeing, it makes you look and feel good, it can get you out in the real world doing cool things and visiting nice places and the release of endorphins...

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Weblog as Therapy 4

Weblog as Therapy

This weblog is many things. It’s the starting point for our amazing weblog book. Hopefully its’s entertaining, interesting, informative and useful. Some posts are fun, some are serious. It covers an eclectic range of topics, from baking to beekeeping, technology to triathlon or windsurfing to wildlife, it’s all here. It’s a journal of our life...

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TrainerRoad Workout Summary 0

Ultimate Turbo Trainer Set Up, Gadgets, Software and Workflow

I’m quite pleased with my turbo trainer set up, the software I use with it, the ‘workflow’ I have to record everything and the gadgets that I use to make this happen. I’ve mentioned many of them here in passing, but thought I’d write a post about the whole kit and caboodle. What I use, how it...

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Weight trend 0

Weight Trend – Withings WS-50

Ooh, a new ‘Weight Trend’ screen has suddenly appeared on our Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyser Scales. Ok, it’s not ground breaking news but it’s still quite nice to get an update to a pair of scales without asking for it. Weight Trend Screen The new weight trend screen is displayed after the weight measurement screen...

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Aborted Workout - Stevens 0

Pushing my Limits

I’m doing my best to stick to my new plan of increasing my training a little as the race season gets ever closer. As well as my large scale annual periodisation in which I’m trying something new, I also have a meso-scale pattern within my training where I do a 3 week cycle. This consists of...

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DXA Scan Results - Whole Body 2

Ramp Test and DXA Scan

As regular readers of this weblog will know, I often volunteer as a participant in various studies at the Sports and Exercise Department at Aberystwyth University. Most of these require a fair bit of my time to do but often prove interesting and painful in equal measure. Interesting from a point of view of getting a measure on...

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Time for a MAF Test 0

Time for a MAF Test

Hot on the heels of my FTP Test on  the bike on Monday, it was time to monitor progress (or lack of) in my running by performing a MAF Test. MAF, a term coined by Dr. Phil Maffetone stands for Maximum Aerobic Function – I won’t go into it here as I have a post planned about it...

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It's Not Too Bad 2

An Explosive Swim

Unfortunately last nights training session didn’t go too well. I decided to join the Ystwyth CC Chain Gang, so turned up at Rhydepennau at the prescribed time, met up without about 30 other cyclists and then we split into 4 groups and started off around the Borth loop. Crash! For a start it was quite a...

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Running with SkyTower in the distance 3

Triathlon Training Experiments

It’s a funny thing triathlon training – in some ways it’s a science, in others it’s an art, but whichever way you look at it, training for a triathlon is always a continually evolving experiment. Sometimes the experiment works, everything comes together just at the right time and you peak for the race of your...

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Triathlon Training for All 0

Triathlon Training for All

We had a busy day yesterday full of all sorts of things. Triathlon Training in the morning, followed by beekeeping in the afternoon. I started my day nice and early, had breakfast, did a few bits of work on the computer and then headed off to Machynlleth where I met Owain at 7:30am for a...

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