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Beach Days

Another lovely weekend. Even making plans for a day on the beach with friends didn’t jinx the weather! I decided to have a rest day as far as training was concerned but as I was up early with nothing to do decided to start cleaning. A few hours later and the house was sparkling, even the...

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Anna looking out for monsters 1

More Snorkelling

Just a quick video today as we managed to press the wrong buttons on the GoPro do missed much of the snorkelling action today. All of the diving and swimming around under the water, the lobster, the blennies and the clear blue seas failed to record as we were just taking random snapshots rather than...

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Diving 1

Snorkelling Borth Reefs

Another lovely sunny day here as summer continues. Biking and weights first thing then a windy surf ski session into the estuary and back for a little play in the waves. Snorkelling Borth Reefs Lunch in the garden and then into Borth for a snorkel around the reefs with Morgan. There was loads to see out...

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Airborne 0

Ski & Surf

I finally got Morgan out in the surf again yesterday. Time to try out his new wetsuit, new gloves, new boots, new hood and new surfboard. It was a little bigger out there than it looks from the video and the GoPro angle is a bit off but I still got some footage, including a...

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Massive K’Nex Builds

If you thought Morgan’s K’Nex Roller Coaster was impressive, check these out! Pretty impressive, but then some people just have to go one step further.

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Roller Coaster 1

K’Nex Roller Coaster

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the building of toys. Mind you, as Morgan gets older and technology takes over his life it’s harder than ever to prise him away from the screen. The fact that he had an X Box for Christmas didn’t help with this but I did manage to get him to help me build...

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