September Speed Session

Well, that was a quick windsurf session. Quick as in high speed, and quick as in short-lived too. With 40+ knot offshore winds, choppy waters and speeds over the water in excess of 30 knots there was just too much potential for injury. Morgan is already out of action thanks to two broken toes, I couldn’t really afford to follow suit.

The chop, the speeds and the fact that I was massively over-powered just meant that I wasn’t comfortable out there on my own. Once up to speed it was OK but the wind had more northerly in it than I expected so I wasn’t able to just blast up and down close to shore but had to go out away from the beach a little where I met with the super-chop. Crazy chop, crazy speeds and crazy power all leads to life on the edge, a split second away from disaster. I didn’t ever lose control and crash but the possibility was always there so I soon decided enough was enough and headed back to shore.

Not the best of windsurf sessions but enough adrenaline for me and it was good to get my speed kit out. Tools for the day were an 80 ltr Mistral Red Dot Slalom Board a 30cm Fanatic fin and a 5.3m North Sails Warp fully cambered race sail. Had I known it was quite that windy a smaller board and fin might have been more useful.

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