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Weather Station Chart from 17th November 2016 5

Monster Squall

The Aberystwyth area has yet again has made it to the National News thanks to the weather. Yesterday was a typical Autumnal day here. Grey, showery and fairly windy. Nothing unusual, leaves were falling from the trees, the sea was a little rough and a raincoat was recommended. That was until around about 10:30 when and...

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Wind Data 1

Very Autumnal Weather

After a slightly extended summer that seemed to last until November, we been having some decidedly autumnal weather over the past few days. The whole of the country and West Wales in particular has taken quite a battering from first Storm Abigail and then Storm Barney. My bike ride on Sunday morning was notable due to it’s wet...

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Weather Station Screen Shot 2

New Record Wind Gust for Borth and Ynyslas

The forecast was correct and we did indeed beat our previous record wind gust here on Wednesday. The forecasting site that I use and that has always been the most accurate for me is WindGuru and it was forecasting that the wind would start really building at 1:30pm on Wednesday and peak at a maximum at...

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Too Windy for the Bees 1

Too Windy for the Bees

I think we may have had a lucky escape with the bees this morning. It’s been blowing a hoolie here all day, after starting to do so last night. I took a quick look at the hives this morning and all looked OK, although it was dawn so the light wasn’t great and I was only...

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Wind Gust 0

Strongest Wind Gust in Borth and Ynyslas

We experienced the strongest wind gust here yesterday at Borth and Ynyslas since I began recording the weather in 2005. The wind peaked just after dark at 16:29, hitting 62.6 knots (that’s just over 72mph) recorded by the Borth & Ynyslas weather station. I think we may have lost all of our garden furniture, dustbins...

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New Fence and Seating Area 4

Our own little patch

I’ve almost finished the new fence I erected at the weekend. It’s always difficult to envisage how these things will feel once they are done, but it’s actually really nice. We knew what it would look like, but the feeling it creates is more difficult to predict. We were a little worried that it would make the garden...

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Palm Tree 1

Winter Takes its Toll

I’ve always had a vision of planting lots of Cordylines (also known as Manx or Cabbage Palms) along the road here as I think it would enhance the seaside feel with a slightly tropical touch.  We’ve planted a few ourselves, other neighbiours already have some and we’ve even bought some as presents for other locals...

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Crazy Winds 4

Crazy Winds

Well, we knew it was coming but when it blows properly it blows! The wind here started at around 3am, then eased off a little this morning before picking up properly to 40-50 knots at around 10am. The exact time we had planned to go out windsurfing. Normally that would be a good thing, but...

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Phew - survived 0

Surviving the Onslaught

It looks as though the garden has just about survived the recent onslaught from the approach of autumn. Everything looks a little worse for wear and most things are a little windburnt but nothing has been destroyed. Despite the onslaught the courgette plants have of course continued to supply us with a steady stream of...

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