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Ynyslas Skies 5

Bees and Moths

Saturday morning was a lovely affair. Pretty chilly mind you with the temperature dropping overnight to 10ºC but the morning skies were huge with wispy clouds first thing. We’d put the moth trap out so once Morgan was up we had a quick look through the catch. There was nothing unusual but we haven’t had...

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Pokemon in 4 Gyms 0

Digital Treasure Hunting – Pokémon Go, Wherigo & Geocaching

Pokémon Go is all the rage at the moment and we’ve jumped on the bandwagon with it. Mind you, we managed to tie it in with a full day of digital treasure hunting on Saturday. To start with we were trying to gain a geocaching souvenir by doing a geocache that had at least 10...

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Acrobatics 1

Lake District – Keswick

The final day of our holiday to the Lake District was already upon us. Anna had planned a day out in Keswick. Strava Segment Searching Before all of that though I headed out for a run. Prior to coming to the cottage at Greengill Holidays, I had looked on Strava for some suitable running routes....

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Aira Force Signpost 1

Aira Force

Although we didn’t finish day 3 of our canoe build until about 4pm, it was a nice day so we decided to drive to Aira Force on the far side of Ullswater for a little walk. We went via Pooley Bridge, the location if some serious flooding over winter and therefore of a temporary bridge to keep...

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700 Finds 0

Geocache No. 700

This one almost slipped by unnoticed, but it has just come to my attention that the geocache that I did on top of Moel y Garn in a howling gale was geocache number 700 for us. At least it’ll be one I won’t forget in a hurry I guess. Not only were the conditions pretty...

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Moel y Garn Pano 5

Winter Returns – Moel y Garn

Well, the forecast was correct. After what was a lovely day on Good Friday, Saturday was a washout, a very windy washout as well. I still wasn’t feeling like a triathlete, but decided that I should probably go for a run or at least a walk up a hill. Anna and Morgan wanted to go...

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Looking Back at the Surf 0

Geocaching in the Hills

Day two of 2016 and we had to get Morgan out of the house again, so we had some nice easy almost drive by geocaching in the hills planned. Not much walking involved today just a quick cache and dash before heading into Aberystwyth so that Morgan could spend some of his Christmas money on...

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Cascade at Hafod 2

Caverns, Cascades and Caches – New Years Day in Hafod Estate

Happy New Year everyone, 2016 was upon us so we had to get out and do something, and we had to find a geocache so as to complete the “Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016” geocaching souvenir. Our target for the day was the Hafod Estate and several geocaches there. I would have liked to have gone...

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Geocaching Souvenirs 0

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 Geocaching Souvenir

Good bye 2015, Hello 2016 – We did it, we found a geocache on both 31st December 2015 and a different cache on January 1st 2016 which earned us two new souvenirs. The ‘Goodbye 2015’ geocaching souvenir and the ‘Hello 2016’ geocaching souvenir. As usual, it was fun finding them and they took us to...

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Geocaching Souvenirs 0

Geocaching Records – 2015

I think 2015 may have been our best year yet as far as geocaching records go. We’ve just finished the year off with two fairly quick and easy geocaches in a very wet and muddy Penglanowen Woods near Nanteos Mansion. None of the geocaches themselves were that notable but it’s a lovely little woodland than...

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