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Through the Forest 0

A Stroll in the Hills

It’s not all about the highest peaks and the most difficult terrain, sometimes it’s nice just to get out for a stroll in the hills as well. Especially when recovering from a major bout of lurgy. So, that’s what I did on Tuesday this week as it looked like the nicest day of the week....


Waun Oer and Beyond.

The lurgy wasn’t completely behind me, but having had a stroll on the beach the day before I decided it was time to head out into the hills on Friday. I had a day’s annual leave booked and didn’t want to waste it. I wasn’t really up to anything too strenuous though so decided an...


Plynlimon Hills

I couldn’t resist a little walk in the Plynlimon Hills the other day. And what a lovely day it was too. The Cambrian Mountains don’t get enough exposure really, especially in comparison to their more rugged neighbours in North Wales. But nestled in the heart of Wales as part of the Cambrian Mountains they still...

At the final checkpoint of the weekend 2

OMM 2023 – North Wales – Day 2

I didn’t get any sleep at the OMM camp overnight, but I knew that would be the case and it was no big deal. I was therefore quite happy with Mikes’s idea to see if we could start earlier than planned on Day 2 so as to finish earlier and not have too long a...

Mike at the bottom of Pen yr Ole Wen 2

OMM 2023 – North Wales – Day 1

That was a fun weekend walking in the hills thanks to the 54th Original Mountain Marathon (OMM). After doing 53 of these things they should know what they are doing, and the organisation was amazing all the way through. As you know from my previous post, Lawrence, my original partner in crime for the OMM...

Lyn Idwal and Lyn Ogwen 2

More Welsh 3000s

I finished my blog post about a walk in the Carneddau Hills with Rhys last Wednesday by saying: I can’t wait for the next adventure in the hills now. Summer is supposed to return for the weekend, so I’m half tempted to head back up to tick off a couple more of the Welsh 3000’s....

Across the roacky plateau 1

A few more Photos from the Carneddau

Rhys has just sent me some photos from our walk on Wednesday So, here’s a few more photos from the Carneddau.

Looking down the Valley to Bethesda 4

Carneddau Summits in the Wind

I had a day’s annual leave on Wednesday so that Rhys and I could head into the hills of North Wales for a walk. It had been windy enough for windsurfing the day before and the wind showed no signs of easing today either, but that wasn’t about to stop us! Anna had taken a...

Valley Views 1

Summit Bagging in the Mist

Having been out of action for a week or so thanks to a cold that went to my chest, I was dying to get out in the fresh air doing something exciting. I went for a short run on Sunday that was slow and quite a struggle but it didn’t set me back at all...


Lighter Pack

I know some of you (you know who you are!) will ridicule me for this, but I came across a cool website the other day called It’s not that clever really, as all it does is allow you to create a list of items and their weights and it works out how much your...