Author: Alan Cole

Mink 0

Mustelid for Breakfast

Looks as though Parkin is having mustelid for breakfast! I thought it was a mink at first at there are far too many of these non-native vermin around, but now that I’ve seen the photo a little better the white belly seems to suggest that it’s a native stoat. I’ve actually quite a few around...

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Aberaeron Harbour 1

Aberaeron Seafood Festival

My parents were heading home on Sunday so rathe than do something here we thought we’d drive south with them for a bit so that they had started their journey home and then stop off somewhere for a wander and some lunch. We inadvertently ended up at the Aberaeron Seafood Festival. Aberaeron We decided before...

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New Plants 2

Anniversary ‘Day Out’

It was our 13th Anniversary on Monday so we both took the day off. We couldn’t quite decided where to go so in the end plumped for a lunch out in Aberystwyth followed by some retail therapy and a nice dinner at home. So after seeing Morgan off to school we had a slow start...

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Surf-Ski Carry Strap 0

Surf Ski Modifications

I think I’m gradually getting better on my new Knysna BLU Surf Ski. It’s certainly a lot easier to man-handle onto the roof-rack or to carry across to the beach. I have made a few surf ski modifications to it though. Before we get onto the surf ski modifications, how am I getting on in the...

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Borth Beach 0

Beach Fun

More beach fun after school at Borth. New Flip Flops, New Surf Ski, New Paddles, Super Sunny Beach, Crazy Warm Waters. If only all Tuesdays were like this. A little more practice on my ski. It’s still very wobbly and still difficult to remount. My chest still hurts too though. Maybe a couple of sessions...

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