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Out and About with my Parents

My parents picked a nice week to come to Wales. After a few days in glorious sunshine in a caravan at Poppit Sands they arrived on Friday for a quick visit here. The weather continued to impress. Friday evening was spent at Brynrodyn Caravan Site in ‘The View’, overlooking Borth at its best whilst a...


Houseplant Haven

Over Easter, Anna and I hit the garden centre for new pots and a plant stand for our overcrowded living room greenery. We enjoyed brunch out too. Despite limited space and light, our houseplants, like the blooming Clivia Lily and Orchid, are thriving.


Sunday Lunch at Libanus

I didn’t get out camping this weekend, so it was a fairly quiet affair at home. I did go for a quick surf-ski session on Saturday, but that didn’t end too well and I set the robot lawn mowers up after their ‘hibernation’ over the winter. They are out there now, happily mowing away for...

Christmas Houses 1

Christmas Decorations

It felt a little weird putting the Christmas decorations up without Morgan here, but it would also have been weird and somewhat miserable not to have bothered. So yesterday morning we had Christmas songs playing throughout the house and made the annual trip into the attic to find the tree and the lights and soon...


Thanksgiving Flowers

I think it’s Thanksgiving today. I don’t know for sure as it’s not something we celebrate here, but the influence of the US seems to be far-reaching and my ‘Thanksgiving cactus’ seems to know what’s going on. It’s flowering nicely as one would expect at this time of year. There are plenty more flowers to...

Lantern parade 1

Machynlleth Lantern Parade and Fireworks 2023

It’s been ages since we were last at the Machynlleth Lantern Parade and Fireworks. We used to go every year and even entered our own lanterns for a few years (along with the Borth Scouts, while we were Scout Leaders I should add). I’ve just taken a look back through the weblog archives and it...


Summer Returns

After a week or so of decidedly autumnal weather summer has returned. Temperatures were back up into the low 20’s the sun was shining and there was no wind at all… Typical seeing as it was the Boardwsie Demo Day at Aberdyfi! No wind means no chance to try out some new kit and no...


Derwen and Dingle

After an exciting Friday on the sea, we had a slightly more relaxed Saturday. Steve headed home feeling a little battered and bruised. I was quite tired too. However, while he was here I suggested we all meet up in Derwen Garden Centre on Saturday. We checked with Anna and Biddy and they were keen...

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A Weekend in Pembrokeshire – Day 3

I survived the night, and woke up feeling quite a lot better. I was able to enjoy my breakfast at Boulston Manor today. After which, we packed up, said our goodbyes to Rod and Jules and started to head home. Originally I would have been running some of the coast path today but I was...

The Grove 1

A Weekend in Pembrokeshire – Day 2

Happy Birthday Anna!! Not a bad room to wake up to on your birthday after a good nights sleep at Boulston Manor. We had a lazy start as we had said we’d have breakfast at 8:30am – that’s late for us, but we were on a mini-break so why not take it easy! I was...