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Posts all about what we get up to as a ‘down-shifted’ family living a ‘Simple Life of Luxury’ in West Wales. From family gatherings to family days out and much more.


Wildlife with the Oldies

The ‘oldies’ (my parents) were here to stay at the weekend. My Dad couldn’t drive so they had an adventure on the trains to get here. We quite like the trains, I don’t think they were that impressed though! For some reason, while my Dad was here he wanted to go the Aberdyfi to go...


Another Day in A&E

Well, I wasn’t expecting that! I had some neck, back and chest pains on Monday evening. They felt muscular so I wasn’t too worried, it just felt like a stiff neck, along with the chest pains that I get on and off all the time since my heart attack. I had an uncomfortable nights sleep...


Infection Control and Drugs Trial

It was inevitable really, but Anna is testing positive for Covid now as well. I guess it doesn’t really matter how careful we were it was going to happen when living in the same house. We did try the best we could: Once Morgan and I were infected we were using a different bathroom. Morgan...



Well, it had to happen at some point I suppose. We’ve been fairly well protected from Coronavirus here in Ceredigion. Case rates have generally been low and I know of very few people who have actually had Covid-19. That was until the last few weeks. Now that restrictions have been lifted and we’re all returning...


A Quiet New Year in a Smart House

Well, we’re 10 days into 2022 and I’ve yet to write a blog post. New Years is usually quiet for us, but this is ridiculous! There just hasn’t really been anything exciting happening. New Year The New year was a quiet one for us. Anna and I went for a stroll around Furnace a couple...



We had our usual fairly quiet Christmas here this year. No early morning wake up calls from Morgan to see if Santa had been. Now that he’s a grumpy teenager it was quite the opposite in fact. We finally managed to get him out of bed at around 10am. The weather reflected the grumpy teenager...

Gardens 1

St Fagans and The Great House

We’ve just got back from a nice weekend away in South Wales. As usual at this time of year we try to combine my birthday, my Mums birthday, my brothers birthday and a Christmas get together into one visit. We usually meet the whole family either in Bristol or somewhere nearby. Covid precautions once again...

Is Clotting the Problem? 2

Is Clotting the Problem?

I’ve been wondering about clotting recently. First some background for context. As you may know, I was super-fit, super healthy and the last person on Earth that anyone expected to have any heart issues. Despite that I had a major heart attack earlier this year and have been recovering since. As is often the case,...


A Home Defib

Defibs in Borth and Ynyslas Borth and Ynyslas doesn’t have many publicly available defibrillators really. The nearest one to us is at the Visitor Centre in the dunes. There is now another in Ynyslas at the Cambrian Coast Caravan park. This one is available to the public if needed but is really for the caravan...