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We’ve Been Out!!!

Well, that was exciting. Anna and I left Ynyslas and drove all the way to Pontrhydfendigaid to do some Christmas shopping! That’s the furthest we’ve been from home since March by a long way.  I can’t say what we were buying as I don’t want to give anything away but it was weird being so...


Alcoholic Advent

I’m liking the look of this advent calendar. It’s quite a bit bigger than I was expecting and full of beer from Brewdog. A treat from Anna – mainly so that she could treat herself to a similar calendar full of gin!! Knowing us the contents will actually last us until Easter as there’s no...

Paddling Out 0

The End of Lockdown Number 2

The End of Lockdown 2 Lockdown Number 2 in Wales came to an end on Monday. There was only one thing for it and that was to get out on the water. To be honest, other than not being able to go paddling, windsurfing swimming or do any other watersport, lockdown number 2 wasn’t that...


Christmas is Coming

45 days to go as I write this, so less than that by the time it is published and you’ve read it. Christmas is coming!! It might end up being a little different to usual thanks to Coronavirus this year but let’s hope we can all still make the most of it. Maybe it’ll be...


A Quiet Weekend

Lockdown 2.0 has now finished in Wales. We were still in lockdown over the weekend though so there wasn’t much exciting happening here. I did get out for a run but other than that it was a quiet weekend at home really. There wasn’t much happening weather wise either. It wasn’t cold, it wasn’t hot,...


Bathroom Makeover

I’ve said it before but “nothing is ever easy” Bathroom Blues We’ve been wanting to re-do our bathroom for a while now. It hasn’t been done since we built the house in 2003. When it was fitted back then we had no money left after building the house so did so on a very tight...


The Bright Light of Ynyslas

I may have been confined to the sofa for a few days, but I was eventually able to get up very slowly and get to the window to take a look at the outside world. At least the view from the window is pretty good here at this time of year and with lockdown in...

Holidays in Lockdown 2

Holidays in Lockdown

We haven’t been particularly fortunate with our holidays this year. Such is 2020 for everyone I think. It’s such a shame though as we actually had some plans this year. As mentioned earlier in the year, lockdown and Coronvirus put an end to our planned adventure along the Caladonian Canal. We simply couldn’t go so...


Sneeze Injuries

You may recall in a recent post about a windsurf session here that I had said my new harness was uncomfortable. This resulted in some bruising and sore ribs. Harness Injuries Once off the water that day the soreness increased but still felt just like some strained muscles and bruising. I didn’t sleep too well...


Clear and Bright at Ynyslas

Nothing much here, just a photo of Ynyslas from a clear, bright and quiet day last week.