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An Early Swarm

After a very cold and wet start to Spring things warmed up enough for me to inspect the bees a couple of times. The first inspection was mainly to put the queen excluders back on and see what was happening. I knew there were bees in both hives but the queen excluders had been removed...


A Golf Course BBQ Chef

Morgan has been keeping in touch all the way from Canada and he seems to be having fun. His job at the ski resort has ended now that the winter is over and he has managed to get a summer job as a BBQ chef at a golf course. Typically, he was living in just...


Not Camping in The Cambrian Mountains

With the weather looking good I decided to head off for a hike and wild camp on Sunday. The plan was to bag a few summits that I hadn’t been to before, find a nice little camp spot miles from anywhere and camp out for the night. I’d then walk up a couple of other...

Pottery throwing by Alan 2

Pottery Progression

Week 4 at pottery (week 3 for me) and we’ve progressed to the potters wheel! I was expecting a complete mess, lots of wasted clay and much hilarity as we grappled with it. So, after a quick demo we sat at the wheels, slapped some clay onto them and got our hands dirty. Controlling the...

Soap Dish, Pot and Bowl 0

Pottery Adventures: Catching Up and Winging It

I had to play catch-up at pottery this week and relied on Anna for instruction and details on what they did last week. Anna of course had plans of her own and was busy doing her own thing so I was kind of winging-it. My creations were a slab-built pot thing – looks as though...

Sunset Colours 2

An Impromptu Adventure in the Welsh Wilderness

Starting off on Dylife Mountain Road, I soaked up the views from Foel Fadian. Camping by Llyn Bugeilyn after a day of lakes and peaks, misty nights and frosty mornings added to the adventure. It was a wild weekend to remember in the heart of Wales!


Needs and Need Nots on the West Highland Way

Seeing as I wrote a packing list for the West Highland Way I thought it would make sense to review it now that I’m back. What were the ‘needs’ and what were the ‘need nots’? Was there anything I could have left at home to save some weight, and was there anything I wish I...

The Majesty of Glencoe 1

West Highland Way Day 4: Kingshouse to Fort William

It poured with rain all night. So much so that I had to keep looking out to make sure the river wasn’t rising. Fortunately, it was OK and at around 5:30am I heard the rain ease off. A quick check of the weather apps and it looked as though it would start again soon so...

Rainbow over Loch Tulla 0

West Highland Way Day 3: Tyndrum to Kingshouse

Setting off from a riverside camp with drying gear, the trekker navigates through Tyndrum, pondering over wild camps and supply stops, only to circle back. Despite rain and hail, spirits lift with brief sun glimpses and scenic mountain views along the military road. Concluding a challenging 20-mile journey at Kingshouse, comfort is found in a wild campsite, venison burgers, and dreams of reaching Fort William.


Falling Behind at Pottery

Uh oh, I think I’ve got some catching up to do – this is Anna’s latest pottery creation from lesson 2. I was away on the West Highland Way so didn’t attend this week. I think I may have missed out on some key skills!!