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Volcanic Perturbations from Tonga in Ynyslas

No doubt you have seen the various news reports of the massive volcano that erupted near Tonga over the weekend. The eruption was likely the biggest recorded anywhere on the planet in more than 30 years. Dramatic images from space captured the eruption in real time, as a huge plume of ash, gas and steam...

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Testing the EV Charging Infrastructure

Morgan and I have just got back a long weekend away which was a good excuse to test out our new Hyundai Kona EV on a longer drive. At about 500 miles in total we were going to have to rely on the UK’s charging infrastructure. We weren’t too worried about it, despite the various...


How Remote Towns Are Keeping Up with Online Education and Other Needs

As much of the world has transitioned online in light of the pandemic, many remote towns have found themselves literally and virtually cut off due to poor internet connectivity. In fact, according to ZDNet, almost 40% of homes in rural and remote areas globally do not have access to the internet at all. The United Nation’s...


A Quiet New Year in a Smart House

Well, we’re 10 days into 2022 and I’ve yet to write a blog post. New Years is usually quiet for us, but this is ridiculous! There just hasn’t really been anything exciting happening. New Year The New year was a quiet one for us. Anna and I went for a stroll around Furnace a couple...


Solar Monitoring

I added to my solar monitoring systems over the Christmas break. I’ve already built a Solax WordPress Plug-in. The plugin corrects the data from our inverter and displays that info and lots of other data on our website. I wanted to see this data on a constantly active screen in the kitchen too. So, I...



We had our usual fairly quiet Christmas here this year. No early morning wake up calls from Morgan to see if Santa had been. Now that he’s a grumpy teenager it was quite the opposite in fact. We finally managed to get him out of bed at around 10am. The weather reflected the grumpy teenager...


Santa at Sunset

Even Santa can’t resist an Ynyslas Sunset! Merry Christmas everyone! If you were expecting a card from us then don’t blame the postie, it’s not lost in the post, instead we’ve made a donation to charity. This year it was a charity that, if you’ll expose the pun, became very close to my heart. Due...

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A Sunny Winters Day at Ynyslas

It was one of those quiet weekends before Christmas here in Ynyslas. The sun was out so not only were we generating plenty of energy from our solar panels but it was a nice day for a stroll on the beach too. When I say plenty of energy from the solar panels it is of...

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Lighting Up!

It’s that time of year again – time to for lighting up the Christmas decorations. New this year is a santa sleigh and reindeer, some stars for the hall and little houses for the window sill.