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Pushing the Limits of the land

I had a busy day today but did manage to finish work on time. I therefore headed out for a nice walk along the beach and ended up pushing the limits of the land. The weather was grey, misty and damp and my walk happened to coincide with low tide. It was a fairly big...


Kombucha Brewing

I was bought a couple of brewing kits for Christmas. One for Kombucha and one for Ginger Beer. Kombucha Brewing I got started with the Kombucha kit first and soon had a nice batch of freshly fermented and carbonated Kombucha ready for drinking. Mmm Mmm! The second batch is well under way already and the...

Frosty Pebbles 0

Frosty Temperatures at Ynyslas

Brrrr, it’s another cold, frosty one today. The coldest so far this year again at -4ºC. The Borth & Ynyslas weather station was reporting a ‘feels like temperature’ of -9.7ºC That’s pretty cold for around here at Sea Level and the coldest temperatures we’ve seen for a while. It’s all change next week though as...


Golden Hour at Ynyslas

I only just managed to get a bit of a walk in today before it got dark. It did mean that I was treated to a sublime sunset as I did so. First Aberdyfi was glowing in the golden light ahead of me. Behind the sky was aglow and reflecting on the unusually calm waters...


Peaceful Estuary Seclusion

Just a couple of photos from today’s paddle into the estuary. I started from home, headed along the beach, into the estuary and then off to my favourite little secluded beach. Not a bad spot for a couple of photos.


Lockdown Exercise

It’s kind of annoying the number of people breaking the lockdown rules this time around. It seems as though hardly anyone is taking any notice of them. This is despite the fact that the Coronavirus situation is the worst it’s been. Infection rates are at the highest they’ve ever been. Hospitals are under more pressure...


Coldest Day of the Year

Well, the last day of 2020 was also the coldest day of the year. Coldest Day of the year The Borth and Ynyslas Weather Station on this site recorded a minimum temperature of -2.9ºC. Not that cold in the grand scheme of things, but it was the coldest day of the year. Presumably last January...


A Covid-Secure Christmas

2020 has been an odd year and for many a Covid-secure Christmas was going to be much quieter than usual. Not so for us as we usually spend it at home with just the three of us. So, the various coronavirus precautions, lock-downs and tiered restrictions didn’t really change our Christmas plans. Just the three...


A Christmas Eve Run and Walk

I had hoped to go for a nice hill walk on Christmas Eve. Nothing too extreme, probably just a walk up Cadair Idris. The icy temperatures and strong winds would have made it fairly exciting at those elevations. Unfortunately lockdown meant that we weren’t allowed to travel and were supposed to be staying at home....


Fun Little Waves

Some fun little waves at Ynyslas today. Nothing too extreme, just a nice mellow wave-riding session. There was even a brief appearance of some sunshine – sort of!