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Anniversary Treats

Anniversary Treats There hasn’t been a huge amount happening here. It was our anniversary at the end of last week but as we are still shielding from a deadly virus we didn’t have our usual day trip out! Instead we just stayed at home like we’ve been doing throughout lockdown. We did however have a...


Family Selfies

My Mum wanted a photo of the three of us together, so it was time to get the teenager outside and snap a few selfies. It did at least mean that we had some photos of ourselves as well which is a fairly rare thing.


Small Victories

Luscious Lawn It’s only a small victory, but the lawn was looking terrible after the winter (and probably a year or two of relative neglect). I decided to do something about it earlier in the year. Since then I’ve been raking, feeding and weeding it whenever I can. Now, even if I say so myself...


Summer’s Back

After a week or so of slightly dreary weather, it would appear that summer is back. I’ve got nothing against the ‘dreary’ weather of course. The rain was good for the garden and the wind was good for windsurfing so I’ve been fairly happy. There were some pretty big waves at times too. These waves...


Another Weekend in Lockdown

Another weekend in lockdown and things in Ynyslas were pretty much the same as they have been every weekend lately. The beach was looking lovely in the sunny spells. The torrential downpours were impressive in their own right. At one point on Sunday afternoon the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station was reading a rain rate...


Creative Honeycomb Building

I’ve had a busy day already and it’s only lunchtime while I’m typing this. A quick swim in the sea first thing, followed by some work and then a nice surf ski paddle into the estuary at high tide. I then had some time for a quick inspection of the bees. Everyone else is reporting...


Posh Takeaway from Ynyshir Hall

That was brave – we travelled the furthest we have been from Ynyslas for months yesterday, and all to collect a Takeaway! It wasn’t that far to be fair, just 4.93 miles as the ‘Osprey Flies’ so within the 5 mile radius that we are permitted to travel. Also, as we are in a rural...

Windsurfing at Ynyslas 0

Full on Windsurfing at Ynyslas

Well, I did say that Friday afternoons windsurf session would be a warm up for Saturday and that was indeed the case. Saturday morning was pretty grim. Stormy NW winds, lots of rain and cold too. Not very inviting after the sunshine on Friday. Things were set to clear up a little though so eyes...


Post ‘Our Giro’ Ramp Test

Having had a few relatively restful days after 3 weeks of riding a mini virtual grand tour, I thought it was time to test my FTP with a ramp test. As usual I calibrated everything, checked tyre pressures and got down to it. It’s never easy but kind of satisfying to do. The results weren’t...


Windsurfing at Last

Thanks to lockdown, it’s been ages since I’ve been windsurfing. I put an end to that today though with a nice session of the seafront. Having not been out for a while I was likely to be a bit rusty. The wind was NNW which is an unusual tack for us as well so that...