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Up Close and Purple

It’s all gone to pinks and purples in the garden now. So, I thought it was time to get up close and purple with some of the flowers! I checked in on the bees today too and all seems well. They are of course loving the chives at the moment.


Windsurfing Mates

After my post about paddling (and swimming) buddies, I thought I’d better not miss out my windsurfing mates too. This is especially the case as I finally got back out windsurfing in the waves yesterday. Since my heart attack, such antics have been off limits as they aren’t the easiest of activities and are also...

5 Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for Her 0

5 Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Does the special woman in your life have an upcoming birthday? Do you want to spoil her with something special and show how much you care about her? Birthday gifts can be tricky at the best of times. You want to pick something that is a hit and also appreciated, but often indecision leaves you...

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Paddling Buddies

Not being allowed out on adventures on my own means that I’ve had to rope in some friends for activities such as sea swimming and surf-skiing. Fortunately there are plenty of people about. Into the Waves My first time back out in the waves was a little surf ski session. Morgan came with me and...

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Bank Holiday Bonsai Project

I’ve always liked bonsai trees. I did have one for several years until one of our cats decided to eat it! Since then I’ve wanted to get more but have never quite got around to it. I’ve been looking at them more and more recently though so decided to take the plunge at the weekend....


Solar Utilisation

Seeing as we don’t get paid for any energy that we export to the grid, we’ve been on a mission to use all of the solar power our panels are generating. We’ve taken a step further towards this goal with the installation of a MyEnegri Eddi. This is a clever device that diverts surplus solar...


Bugs and Beasties

The garden has been alive with various bugs and beasts lately. The honey bees seem to be doing well and have been pretty busy. I checked on them on Monday and both colonies were increasing in size and had decent amounts of stores. Both had loads of eggs and brood too so things are looking...

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Garden Blues

With May on the way, the garden is moving into its blue and purple phase. As well as all the fresh green growth, there are blue and purple flowers everywhere. The Bluebells are putting on a good show and look nice in the ‘wooded area’ – even if most of this is in Dave’s garden!...


Back on the Water

It’s been about 9 months since my heart attack now. So, with the water beginning to warm up and some sunny days it was finally time to start getting back on the water. Sardinia I eased myself into it with a few days of sea kayaking in Sardinia. Going on an organised trip meant there...