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Pottery Classes

Our pottery classes are coming to an end so it’s been a little difficult to decide what to do next as there doesn’t seem to be much point starting new projects as we won’t have time to finish them – it takes weeks what with drying time, firing time, decorations, glazes and a second firing....


Wales Coast Path – Gwbert to Aberporth

Coast Path Vital Stats Gwbert to Aberporth Distance: 8.86 miles Elevation Gain Today: 478m Highest Elevation: 136m Time: 1:44:49 Av. Pace: 11:50 mins/mile Calories: 813 Totals to Date Total Distance: 1084.83 miles Total Time: 214:19:35 Total Elevation Gain: 35334m Total Calories: 105510 Distance to go: 23 miles Another short section of the Wales Coast Path...


Filling in some Summit Gaps

Given my busy week at work, I decided to make the most of Friday by getting out and doing something active. A walk in the hills with an overnight camp sounded fun, but I didn’t want to drive too far. So, I checked out the local hills. Instead of revisiting familiar spots, I used SummitBag...

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A Perfect Windsurfing Comeback

I hadn’t been windsurfing for a while, and it wasn’t just because of unsuitable conditions. A mix of the occasional illness, a few injuries, and a desire to avoid further injuries kept me off the water. The main reason, though, was always having something else planned when the wind was perfect. Windsurfing is also the...


Bees gone Mad

We had a hectic day for us on Saturday – we don’t usually see anybody but it seemed as though everyone descended on us at one point. An almost public spanking First our septic tank pump stopped working so we got in touch with Celtic Waste and in no time at all ‘Smithy’ was here...

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Decorating Pottery

Most of our time was spent decorating some of our pottery creations whilst at out pottery ‘class’ this week. I’ve decided that Anna’s is better at this part of the process than I am!

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Pond Update

Seeing as it’s now been just over a year since we decided (on somewhat of a whim) to create a pond in the garden, I thought I’d update you on its progress. It was always intended as a ‘wildlife’ pond. That’s an excuse for letting it go a bit wild, leaving it to do its...

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Mountain of the Gods – Ascending Mount Olympus

After a long day travelling from the UK to Thessaloniki and then to Litochoro and finally Prionia, Rhys and I were ready to start our ascent of Mount Olympus. At 2918 m Mount Olympus, part of the Olympus massif, is the highest mountain in Greece. It sits within the Olympus National Park which encompasses an...

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Mountain of the Gods – Getting to Mount Olympus

The scene was set, friends of ours Rhys and Sarah were getting married this summer. Anna had been invited to the ‘hen do’ which was a few nights in a cottage in North Wales. I decided that Rhys could go one better than that and suggested a few nights away somewhere a little exotic climbing...

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Cheerful Garden

Just a few photos of some garden colour to cheer things up. Oh, and a silly cat!!