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Nice on the Beach We really can’t complain when the weather is like this. What better place to be. I had the day off so couldn’t resist a little paddle into Borth and back before it got too hot. Nice in the Sun We hit our maximum solar production yesterday as well with 29.3kWh. I...


Wildlife with the Oldies

The ‘oldies’ (my parents) were here to stay at the weekend. My Dad couldn’t drive so they had an adventure on the trains to get here. We quite like the trains, I don’t think they were that impressed though! For some reason, while my Dad was here he wanted to go the Aberdyfi to go...

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New Roofrack Day

How exciting can a roofrack be? Well, my new one from DropRacks is about as good as they get. The Roof Rack Challenge Having a van as a vehicle and needing to get long, heavy, difficult to handle and often expensive toys such as surf ski’s and canoes onto the roof isn’t easy. I’d managed,...

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Grow Garden Grow

The sunny weather is doing wonders for the garden. Everything is growing well and the cat seem to be loving it out there too. In fact, the various shrubs I’ve been growing to act as boundaries, wind-breaks and dividers between the various bits of the garden are pretty much as I want them now. There...


A Night Away

I’m not sure if this is a thing to ‘celebrate’ or not, but Monday was 1 year since my heart attack. I guess it’s good that I’m still here 1 year later, but celebrating the actual event seems a little weird. It has of course changed almost everything for me but I’ve been recovering and...

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Apiary Manipulations

After a nice night away with Anna I decided to take a quick look at the bees. It had only been 5 days since I’d last inspected them but it’s prime swarm season so it’s good to keep an eye on them.  Leri Hive The first hive, Leri, was all looking good. They have a...


Another Day in A&E

Well, I wasn’t expecting that! I had some neck, back and chest pains on Monday evening. They felt muscular so I wasn’t too worried, it just felt like a stiff neck, along with the chest pains that I get on and off all the time since my heart attack. I had an uncomfortable nights sleep...


Force Charging with a Solax Inverter and Battery

I’ve had someone ask how to set things up so that their Solax Battery will force charge from cheap rate electricity overnight. So, rather than just reply to their question I thought I’d post a quick instructional blog post here with step by step instructions. The Solax App So, we generally do this using the...

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Jubilee Weekend

No real Jubilee celebrations for us here over the weekend but it was nice to have some time off. I took a days holiday and had 11 days off in a row thanks to weekends and bank holidays! Diving in Spain Morgan was off diving in Spain with some friends. He’s completed his Open Water...

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Delicate Flowers

Things are growing well in the garden. It might not look that colourful at first glance but a closer inspection reveals lots of delicate little flowers at the moment.