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We’re Beekeepers too – Keep up to date with the comings and goings of our bee colonies and life in the hive. The bees are almost always up to something.

Honey Bee Swarm 2

Beekeeping – I knew it was too good to be true

Our bees have been ‘bee-having’ themselves fairly well so far this year. They had looked like swarming at the end of April so we split them first thing in May. That all seemed to go well and by the end of May we had a new laying queen and the colony with the original queen...

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Honey and Larvae 0

We’ve Successfully Mated

Don’t get too excited, I’m not talking about Anna and I, I’m talking about our bees. We’ve always had trouble getting newly emerged queens to mate. We perform an artificial swarm as the perceived wisdom dictates, but for some reason the queen that emerges from the queen cell never seems to be able to start...

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Garden Photos and Bees in May

As it’s such a nice day I just couldn’t resist lunch in the garden. Not the best time of day for photos but here are a few photos from the garden anyway. The bees were certainly busy. Not just our honey bees but all sorts of other bees too. It’s always nice to see the...

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One of those Days

It was just one of those days today. It looked as though it would be a good one. I had a bit of an adventure planned so was up early as usual. I couldn’t start the adventure too early though as I had to wait for high tide which wasn’t until 10am. The plan was...

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Non-Stop Sunday

Phew, that was a busy day even by my standards. Saturday was pretty busy as it goes with various garden carpentry repairs but I did get to chill with a nice big curry in the evening. Surf Ski Session Sunday started early with a Surf Ski session from Ynyslas to Borth. It was a lovely...

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Golden Poppies 0

Summer Colours

The sky is blue and the sun is shining once again. 22ºC at the moment and we must be getting used to this as it doesn’t feel hot, just pleasantly warm. Unusually though there are some white fluffly clouds in the sky today. Things are looking OK in the garden with some nice bright colours despite...

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Buffet 3

Honey Show and Honey Cake Competition

With Anna at band and Morgan surgically attached to his computer it was just me attending the honey show this year. We didn’t really have anything to exhibit though as we didn’t get any honey this year. I did submit a few photos to the photo competition and of course baked the honey cake. There were loads...

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Queen Bee 0

Mis-behaving Bees

Just a quick update on the bees. If you remember last time I was quite pleased that both hives had re-queened. One seemed to be doing really well. The other wasn’t so great and I found the queen camped out under the mesh floor. I put her back in and hoped that maybe she had been out on...

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