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Life here on the edge isn’t ideal for gardening, sand instead of soil, eternal winds, salt-laden air and mole invasions all try to thwart our gardening attempts, but we haven’t given up yet and actually have quite a nice garden despite the challenges.

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A New Log Store

We do like to ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ where we can. I think we can safely say we achieved this with our log store. It had started life as a shed. The shed had been moved several times and re-purposed as another shed for things of ever decreasing importance. Once it became a little too ‘airy’...

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Up Close and Purple

It’s all gone to pinks and purples in the garden now. So, I thought it was time to get up close and purple with some of the flowers! I checked in on the bees today too and all seems well. They are of course loving the chives at the moment.

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Bank Holiday Bonsai Project

I’ve always liked bonsai trees. I did have one for several years until one of our cats decided to eat it! Since then I’ve wanted to get more but have never quite got around to it. I’ve been looking at them more and more recently though so decided to take the plunge at the weekend....

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Garden Blues

With May on the way, the garden is moving into its blue and purple phase. As well as all the fresh green growth, there are blue and purple flowers everywhere. The Bluebells are putting on a good show and look nice in the ‘wooded area’ – even if most of this is in Dave’s garden!...



I’ve always wanted to have a collection of bonsai trees. I did have an indoor bonsai tree for a few years. It did quite well and looked nice, but eventually succumbed to cat attack! Outdoor ones would be better really, but we live on the coast. Normal trees and other plants struggle to survive here...


Springing into Action

Another quiet weekend here for us. We had some good days on the ‘solars’ though thanks to the blue skies and cool temperatures. There was barely any import from the grid. Just a little here and there for things like showers because that draws too much power for our inverter. Otherwise we were using solar...


Early Signs of Life

It was a fairly quiet weekend here. There just wasn’t much happening. We’ve all recovered from Covid which is good so Anna and I managed to get out for a nice stroll on the beach each day but other than that we didn’t do much. The garden is under control so there wasn’t much work...

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A Bugs Eye View

One nice thing about having the garden under control is the fact that whilst feeling ill with Covid I’ve at least been able to sit in the garden without an over-whelming urge to do some work on it. Everything is tidy and doing well so I’ve been able to just sit and chill. It’s not...

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Getting on Top of Things in the Garden

Phew, I think I’m on top of things in the garden! It’s the same every year – things seem a little overwhelming when you first venture out and there are so many jobs to do. However, a few sunny days and the nice long list of jobs to do soon starts to get whittled down....

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The Big Clear Up

Anna has been away for a few days, so I’ve had plenty of chance to get things done in the garden. I even managed to get Morgan out to help here and there. It’s still quite wintry out there really with only a few signs of life. That’s the perfect opportunity to do some much...