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Life here on the edge isn’t ideal for gardening, sand instead of soil, eternal winds, salt-laden air and mole invasions all try to thwart our gardening attempts, but we haven’t given up yet and actually have quite a nice garden despite the challenges.


Non-Stop Sunday

Phew, that was a busy day even by my standards. Saturday was pretty busy as it goes with various garden carpentry repairs but I did get to chill with a nice big curry in the evening. Surf Ski Session Sunday started early with a Surf Ski session from Ynyslas to Borth. It was a lovely...

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Garden Carpentry Repairs

Nothing seems to last long around here. Anything metal simply rusts away in no time and even wood seems to rot pretty quickly. To make matter worse, anything that isn’t 100% secure gets ripped to pieces by the wind so it’s not surprising that I always seem to be making repairs. The sheep invasions haven’t...

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Remember, it’s only February

I think that is probably the first time that I’ve ever mowed the lawn in February. The mild temperatures we’ve been having lately – it reached 17.8ºC on Friday – make it feel as though it’s much later in the year than that already. The garden seems to think so as well. It was in...

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Corn on the cob 1

Harvest Time

I guess it is harvest festival time. Despite not spending too much time working in the garden this summer it is producing well at the moment. The courgettes are still fattening up and providing us with a steady supply. There are tomatoes galore, and even some corn on the cob. Plenty of rhubarb for rhubarb crumbles...

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Golden Poppies 0

Summer Colours

The sky is blue and the sun is shining once again. 22ºC at the moment and we must be getting used to this as it doesn’t feel hot, just pleasantly warm. Unusually though there are some white fluffly clouds in the sky today. Things are looking OK in the garden with some nice bright colours despite...

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Black Elder 0

The Garden Grows

I may not have been able to mow the lawn this week but at least things are looking good elsewhere in the garden. With Storm Hector hitting Wales I half expected it to look a mess out there but thankfully we didn’t get any massive winds and the storm itself was short-lived. temperatures remained quite...

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Ramsey 1

Summer Continues

The gorgeous summer weather continues here. 25.5ºC yesterday which was plenty hot enough, especially for lawn mowing! 20ºC today was mouch more comfortable and lovely blue skies throughout. The sea is feeling as though summer is here and the garden is growing well. I had a busy day on Monday, starting off the day with a...

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