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Life here on the edge isn’t ideal for gardening, sand instead of soil, eternal winds, salt-laden air and mole invasions all try to thwart our gardening attempts, but we haven’t given up yet and actually have quite a nice garden despite the challenges.

Garden Pond 1

Pond Update

Seeing as it’s now been just over a year since we decided (on somewhat of a whim) to create a pond in the garden, I thought I’d update you on its progress. It was always intended as a ‘wildlife’ pond. That’s an excuse for letting it go a bit wild, leaving it to do its...

Pinks and Purples 0

Cheerful Garden

Just a few photos of some garden colour to cheer things up. Oh, and a silly cat!!


Explosive Easter

I managed to go the entire Easter weekend without turning my computer on, hence the lack of blog posts. I thought you wouldn’t mind waiting as turning my computer on would only mean that I’d end up working. Staying away from it and out of the office was best. That said, I did of course...


Houseplant Haven

Despite not buying any new houseplants whilst at Derwen Garden Centre on Saturday, I still spent some of Sunday tending to them. Most are coming on well. Propagation The conservatory has been used as a nursery/rehab area. The ‘propagation station’ there has worked too. I have a whole load of tiny little baby succulents that...


Derwen and Dingle

After an exciting Friday on the sea, we had a slightly more relaxed Saturday. Steve headed home feeling a little battered and bruised. I was quite tired too. However, while he was here I suggested we all meet up in Derwen Garden Centre on Saturday. We checked with Anna and Biddy and they were keen...

And Relax.... 1

Catching up in the Garden

The garden always looks a little untidy and overgrown at this time of year. I kind of like to let it do its own thing to a certain extent so it’s partly by design, but my OCD and perfectionism can’t stand it for too long. It was therefore good to get out there at the...


New Additions

I did say I wouldn’t buy any more houseplants for a while. You know what that means don’t you! Yep, whilst at the garden centre for brunch they had a whole selection of tiny little houseplants just come in. I couldn’t resist! They are only tiny, but I ended up with It’ll be a while...

Bee Pool Party 1

Bee Pool Party

The bees seem to be loving the new garden pond. There were literally hundreds of them all lined up along the edges at the weekend. We had a hedgehog visitor at the weekend too, and there was a cool photo of a stoat on top of a fence post in the dunes here posted on...

Calathea 1

Houseplant Obsession

Long-time readers of this blog will know I get into projects for a while and go all out on them! I usually keep them going in the background afterwards but don’t necessarily blog about them or invest quite so much energy into them after a while. My latest obsession is houseplants! Don’t worry, I won’t...

Pretty Border 1

Larvae Everywhere!

It seems as though my somewhat experimental preemptive artificial swarm technique has, at least to a certain extent, worked. With only one colony surviving the winter we wanted to ‘make increase’ this year. The fact that this colony had taken up residence in a hive next to the bedroom window also meant that there weren’t...