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Falling Behind at Pottery

Uh oh, I think I’ve got some catching up to do – this is Anna’s latest pottery creation from lesson 2. I was away on the West Highland Way so didn’t attend this week. I think I may have missed out on some key skills!!



Anna and I, armed with festive funds, delved into the muddy world of pottery, expecting more laughs than masterpieces. Our hands danced with clueless clay at a cozy gathering of equally inexperienced Picasso-wannabes. While Anna’s squashed creation somehow turned artistic, my jug morphed into a wonky wonder. Anticipating merry mayhem with the wheel’s introduction – stay tuned for the pottery pandemonium!


Explosive Easter

I managed to go the entire Easter weekend without turning my computer on, hence the lack of blog posts. I thought you wouldn’t mind waiting as turning my computer on would only mean that I’d end up working. Staying away from it and out of the office was best. That said, I did of course...


Houseplant Haven

Despite not buying any new houseplants whilst at Derwen Garden Centre on Saturday, I still spent some of Sunday tending to them. Most are coming on well. Propagation The conservatory has been used as a nursery/rehab area. The ‘propagation station’ there has worked too. I have a whole load of tiny little baby succulents that...


Derwen and Dingle

After an exciting Friday on the sea, we had a slightly more relaxed Saturday. Steve headed home feeling a little battered and bruised. I was quite tired too. However, while he was here I suggested we all meet up in Derwen Garden Centre on Saturday. We checked with Anna and Biddy and they were keen...

And Relax.... 1

Catching up in the Garden

The garden always looks a little untidy and overgrown at this time of year. I kind of like to let it do its own thing to a certain extent so it’s partly by design, but my OCD and perfectionism can’t stand it for too long. It was therefore good to get out there at the...

Honey 0

Honey Harvest 2023

Having had a bumper year last year we weren’t expecting much from the bees this year. Our expectations weren’t helped by the fact that we lost our largest colony over the winter. I suspect they swarmed late in the year after we had harvested from them and got them ready for winter. With no queen...


New Additions

I did say I wouldn’t buy any more houseplants for a while. You know what that means don’t you! Yep, whilst at the garden centre for brunch they had a whole selection of tiny little houseplants just come in. I couldn’t resist! They are only tiny, but I ended up with It’ll be a while...

Bee Pool Party 1

Bee Pool Party

The bees seem to be loving the new garden pond. There were literally hundreds of them all lined up along the edges at the weekend. We had a hedgehog visitor at the weekend too, and there was a cool photo of a stoat on top of a fence post in the dunes here posted on...