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Pottery Classes

Our pottery classes are coming to an end so it’s been a little difficult to decide what to do next as there doesn’t seem to be much point starting new projects as we won’t have time to finish them – it takes weeks what with drying time, firing time, decorations, glazes and a second firing....

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Decorating Pottery

Most of our time was spent decorating some of our pottery creations whilst at out pottery ‘class’ this week. I’ve decided that Anna’s is better at this part of the process than I am!

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Pond Update

Seeing as it’s now been just over a year since we decided (on somewhat of a whim) to create a pond in the garden, I thought I’d update you on its progress. It was always intended as a ‘wildlife’ pond. That’s an excuse for letting it go a bit wild, leaving it to do its...

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Cheerful Garden

Just a few photos of some garden colour to cheer things up. Oh, and a silly cat!!


Pottery Creations

Our pottery lessons continue and are quite good fun. We may never become experts, but that’s not important. The process is quite time-consuming, partly because we attend just once a week. Additionally, there are drying times between each stage and two firing processes for each piece too. Yesterday, we finally brought home our first completed...

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Making Increase

I thought I was doing quite well with the bees this year. There was an early swarm or possibly a supersedure in the hive by the bedroom at the beginning of April. This was actually a fairly good thing as the hive re-queened and the queen was laying last time I looked. All good there...


An Early Swarm

After a very cold and wet start to Spring things warmed up enough for me to inspect the bees a couple of times. The first inspection was mainly to put the queen excluders back on and see what was happening. I knew there were bees in both hives but the queen excluders had been removed...

Pottery throwing by Alan 2

Pottery Progression

Week 4 at pottery (week 3 for me) and we’ve progressed to the potters wheel! I was expecting a complete mess, lots of wasted clay and much hilarity as we grappled with it. So, after a quick demo we sat at the wheels, slapped some clay onto them and got our hands dirty. Controlling the...

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Pottery Adventures: Catching Up and Winging It

I had to play catch-up at pottery this week and relied on Anna for instruction and details on what they did last week. Anna of course had plans of her own and was busy doing her own thing so I was kind of winging-it. My creations were a slab-built pot thing – looks as though...


Falling Behind at Pottery

Uh oh, I think I’ve got some catching up to do – this is Anna’s latest pottery creation from lesson 2. I was away on the West Highland Way so didn’t attend this week. I think I may have missed out on some key skills!!