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Ifan Solo 3

Brass Extravaganza review

What a day! I spent most of Saturday at the Brass Extravaganza in Aberystwyth.  This has been a few months in planning and a lot of hard work behind the scenes but the day was finally here and fingers crossed…touch wood…everything would run smoothly. Youth Competition The Brass Extravaganza started off with a Youth Solo and...

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Morgan getting ready 1

Aberystwyth Junior School Proms

Morgan was performing in the Aberystwyth Junior School Proms on Monday evening. He was playing his cornet in the orchestra and singing in the choir. We therefore had an enjoyable evening watching and listening to the junior school children from the Aberystwyth area. Anna and I were at work all day and Morgan at school, but...

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Wind Band Concert

After a busy day and a lovely windsurf session, it was time for a quick dinner and then back into Aberystwyth for another concert. We went to the Schools Concert in the Arts Centre last week as Morgan was playing in the schools Wind Band. Today it was the Wind Band Concert which included the Youth...

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Schools Concert

We had an entertaining evening at a Ceredigion schools concert in the Arts Centre in Aberystwyth last night. It was three concerts in one really. Windband Schools Concert First up was the Wind Band in which Morgan was playing. We even had to join in with some audience participation during the 1812 overture using paper...

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Second Place 3

Urdd Eisteddfod 2016

Morgan’s school were being well represented at the Ceredigion Urdd Eisteddfod this year and Morgan himself was playing a solo on his cornet and in a brass ensemble. We all therefore went into school and work for a few hours on Friday morning and then headed off in the car to Theatre Felinfach, about an hours...

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Langueux 1

St Brieuc Twinning Tour with Aberystwyth Silver Band – Day 3

Another early start in St Brieuc for me with an early morning run into Langueux and some rummaging around for a geocache. I couldn’t find the first one so had to run a little further to find a different one, but had success in the end as dawn broke in St Briuec. It was then...

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Windmill 3

St Brieuc Twinning Tour with Aberystwyth Silver Band – Day 2

After packing in so much stuff yesterday, it was hard to believe that this was only Day 2 of the Aberystwyth Silver Bands twinning tour to St Brieuc, but day two it was. The planned walk around St Brieuc had howver been cancelled as everyone eas tired, everyone needed a bit of a rest and...

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Morgans Solo 1

St Brieuc Twinning Tour with Aberystwyth Silver Band – Day 1

Two facts to get us started: Anna and Morgan play cornet in the Aberystwyth Silver Band. Aberystwyth is twinned with St Brieuc in Brittany, France. Over the years since the twinning relationship which was established in 1974, the Aberystwyth Silver Band has visited St Brieuc on a number of occasions, but a visit was long...

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