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Sunset Colours 2

An Impromptu Adventure in the Welsh Wilderness

Starting off on Dylife Mountain Road, I soaked up the views from Foel Fadian. Camping by Llyn Bugeilyn after a day of lakes and peaks, misty nights and frosty mornings added to the adventure. It was a wild weekend to remember in the heart of Wales!

Traeth Llyfn 0

Wales Coast Path – Porth Clais to Porth Gain

Coast Path Vital Stats Porth Clais to Porth Gain Distance: 18.32 miles Elevation Gain Today: 1026m Highest Elevation: 110m Time: 6:02:58 Av. Pace: 19:49 mins/mile Calories: 2195 Totals to Date Total Distance: 1014.41 miles Total Time: 192:47:50 Total Elevation Gain: 31508m Total Calories: 97500 Distance to go: 87 miles A New Plan As usual, I...

Through the Forest 0

A Stroll in the Hills

It’s not all about the highest peaks and the most difficult terrain, sometimes it’s nice just to get out for a stroll in the hills as well. Especially when recovering from a major bout of lurgy. So, that’s what I did on Tuesday this week as it looked like the nicest day of the week....


Changeable OMM

As expected, the weather for the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) this weekend looks somewhat changeable. Here’s the mountain forecast for the weekend. It should of course be slightly less cold at lower elevations! That’s not all that’s changeable for me. Lawrence’s health issues haven’t improved as much as he had hoped so he’s made the...

Fast Downwinder 1

There’s Nothing Like Windsurfing

Annual Leave “Not one, but two of the best windsurf sessions ever!” I still have quite a bit of annual leave to take before the end of the year. I don’t just want to take it for the sake of taking it, but I don’t want to waste it either. It looked set to be...

Edging 1

Surf Ski at Ynyslas

The surf has been pretty good here these last few days. I need a new surfboard though – a surfboard suitable for a middle-aged man rather than the teenager boards that I’ve currently got. Don’t worry, one will be winging its way towards me soon. In the meantime I didn’t miss out too much as...


Windsurfing at Llanrhystud

I windsurfed at Llanrhystud for a change yesterday. The run-up to Christmas has been fairly busy thanks to trips to Bristol, work and the general December mayhem. Christmas Eve Eve was our first full day off and there was supposed the be some wind. The forecasts were spot on in the morning. The strong early...

Llyn Padarn Walkways 0

A Weekend in Llanberis

What with coronavirus, a heart attack and the subsequent recovery, I hadn’t been up to North Wales for a paddle for ages. I used to go fairly regularly for the Colwyn Bay races with the North Wales Surf Ski Paddlers and the Llyn Padarn Time Trials with the Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers. The latter of these...


Weekend Activities

Well, after missing a week windsurfing in Morocco, things didn’t turn out too badly here on the wind front. In fact I managed to get out on windsurfing every day. Most days were on the seafront in decent conditions nicely powered up with a 5.7m sail. There was a session where I had to change...


A Night Away

I’m not sure if this is a thing to ‘celebrate’ or not, but Monday was 1 year since my heart attack. I guess it’s good that I’m still here 1 year later, but celebrating the actual event seems a little weird. It has of course changed almost everything for me but I’ve been recovering and...