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The finished Cake

Who doesn’t love cake, curry’s and chocolate covered goodies? We do, and we are often baking or rustling up something yummy. Take a look at some of our concoctions or favourites here.


Christmas Cake Decorating

Having baked the Christmas cake quite a few weeks ago, it was finally time to start decorating it today. I used a different recipe for the cake this year and had been feeding it with brandy for about 6 weeks. It seemed a little more moist than cakes of previous years but was looking good....


Christmas Lunch in a Box

Food Boxes We’ve been doing well with our boxes of food this year. Gousto, Hello Fresh and MyCookbox have all been living up to expectations and better still, thanks to the referral program and people using our links to sign up to receive cut price boxes we’ve earned lots of free boxes ourselves as well....

Frying 0

Spicery Meals and Garden Gluts

I haven’t posted about our Spicery meals for a while but they are still as delicious as ever. The Spicery The Spicery is a little different to the other meal boxes we get from the likes of Gousto, Hello Fresh and the latest one we’ve tried ‘MyCook Box. Rather than providing us with all the ingredients...

Snow Again 4

The Beast from the East 2.0

Winter is back with a vengeance. Yesterday the strong easterly winds were back with winds above 40 knots all day long and gusts up to a massive 64.5 knots again. It was only just above freezing too with some snow flurries. My trip to North Wales was cancelled as it was likely to be too...

Buffet 3

Honey Show and Honey Cake Competition

With Anna at band and Morgan surgically attached to his computer it was just me attending the honey show this year. We didn’t really have anything to exhibit though as we didn’t get any honey this year. I did submit a few photos to the photo competition and of course baked the honey cake. There were loads...

Chocolate Sauce 2

Giant Jaffa Cake Cake

While Anna was out all day on Sunday I decided to bake a giant jaffa cake cake. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe from his Jamie’s Comfort Food book. We haven’t actually cooked many recipe from here yet so it was time to change that. Essentially you make a very rich pancake batter that not only...

Gooey Brownies 1

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe

The doctors have told Anna to cut down on gluten somewhat. She’s not gluten intolerant, but cutting it down may help reduce inflammation and therefore help reduce the symptoms of her rheumatoid arthritis. It’s worth a go so we’re trying to eat a little less gluten. We don’t want to miss out on the gooey goodness...

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake 1

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

As it was Mother’s Day on Sunday we (Morgan and I – well, me really!) decided to make her a yummy triple chocolate cheesecake. I was going to go with Anna’s favourite, and our usual cheesecake recipe that we have perfected over the years. However, getting hold of chocolate Philadelphia would be difficult in Borth so...