Autumnal Antics

After a busy few days at work, things were looking good for Saturday morning. Decent winds were forecast with a real taste of autumn.

As has been the case since March we’ve been at home. I know most people seem to be going about their lives petty much business as usual. The only change for us from complete lockdown is the fact that Morgan and I have been at work and school for a couple of weeks now. It’s a little sad that the only things that put us at risk of any sort is work and school but I guess that’s the way it is. Other than that, we haven’t been out anywhere. We haven’t been to visit anyone and we’ve had no visitors here either.

The good news is that we live on the beach so I can still get out windsurfing whenever I want. As activities go, you can’t get much more isolated than windsurfing.

Autumnal Antics

The temperatures have dropped a little lately. So much so that we’ve been lighting the fire and burning through our log supplies. Even the cat seems to have learnt the joys of the fire!

Fireside Cat

If the fire is on, autumn is definitely here. I like all of the seasons, but the best things about autumn are the colours of the trees and the winds that hit our shores. Saturday morning dawned windy as forecast so I headed over to the beach and was soon out on my 85 ltr wave board with a 5.0m sail. Alistair joined me too but struggled somewhat in the slightly onshore winds. There were a number of kite-surfers out at times as well.

Windsurfing at Ynyslas

Conditions were indeed a little tricky. The wind was quite gusty and the currents strong so getting going in amongst the whitewater was sometimes a struggle. A slightly larger sail or board may have helped of course but sometimes out the back things were a little hectic and overpowered. Alistair was indeed on a bigger 5.5m sail and larger 100ltr board but it didn’t seem to help much so I stuck with what I had.

There were a number of times when I ended up swimming in the impact zone but most of the time it was OK. The waves were pretty big at times too which led to some nice wave-rides on the way back in. All in all a pretty good session.

It’s still pretty warm out there as well. I’m still wearing my 3/2mm summer suit which is plenty warm enough. That said, it is nice to put my warm dry robe on over the top of it whilst rigging and de-rigging.

Confit Duck

The afternoon was spent mainly chilling and then tucking into a delicious Confit Duck dinner courtesy of Hello Fresh. Sometimes Hello Fresh have slightly more up market meals than their standard fare. You can pay a little extra for these as a bit of a treat. For some reason this particular meal wasn’t any more expensive than their standard meals but it did feel like a treat so that was a bonus all round!

Confit Duck

What with still effectively acting as though we are in lockdown, a nice culinary treat now and then is always good. We did also have a gin and tonic before hand and a nice Millionaire Shortbread Cheesecake for pudding too!

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