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We may not be the best anglers in the world, or even the best on Borth & Ynyslas for that matter, but we are trying to get into fishing more these days so will probably be posting the odd article about our fishing exploits here. If we do, then here’s a category just for them.

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SUP Fishing in Borth

Monday was looking to be a lovely day here this week. What better way to spend it than SUP fishing? It was cold at first with temperatures dropping to 4ºC but with clear blue skies and light winds. Perfect conditions for SUP fishing. I had a fair bit to do at home though so got...


Tandem Surfing

Seeing as my Mum was worried that I didn’t do anything strenuous on Saturday morning – other than moth trapping, beekeeping and geocaching – I thought I’d better make up for it. Windsurfing I did get out windsurfing in the estuary on Saturday afternoon. The wind was a little flukey but was gusting up to 28 knots....

Bass 1

Bass Fishing in Borth

Well, my first attempt at bass fishing in Borth turned out well.. Despite having a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold I started Saturday with an indoor turbo trainer ride and a run around the golf course and along the Leri. Then after a few chores I baked some egg custard tarts courtesy...

Mirror Carp 1

A Holiday with Family – Fishing, Balloon Glow and The Big Pit

Our family summer holiday moved into it’s next phase, following on from cycling to John O’Groats to Lands End and then a day or two on Bodmin Moor we were now at my parents house in South Gloucestershire for a couple of days. We arrived at around lunchtime on Wednesday afternoon and had arranged for...

Car Park Lake 1

Ynyslas Lake

What a difference a week makes. This time last week we had just returned to our house having spent the night at a friends after being evacuated due to severe storms. Today has been as still as you like with plenty of winter sunshine, so we made the most of it by having a little...

Octopus 1

Fishing at Ynyslas

Whilst my Dad was here at the weekend we managed to get out fishing at Ynyslas for a while. Squirrel Attack After a very wet Saturday where we stayed indoors most of the day, I started Sunday with my usual run and swim. This was a little more eventful than usual as I was ‘attacked’...

Worm Burrow 2

Fishing Bait at Ynyslas

Our fishing attempts have still proved fishless – I think it must be time for a change of tactics. So far all we have managed to do is catch one tiny little half-dead crab, some weed and we have managed to lose a lure. Not much success. We did try digging for bait on Thursday though and...

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A Glorious Evening Fishing in Ynyslas

The last gasp of summer turned out to be a lovely one so after school Morgan and I went fishing again. There was barely a breath of wind, the sun was shining, the tide has just turned and the waters were clear. The waters were so clear and calm in fact that we could see...


The End of Summer – Fishing in Ynyslas

Yesterday was the end of summer! The last day of the school holidays and all of a sudden the little area of Borth and Ynyslas where we live has transformed. The holiday-makers have all gone, the place seems deserted, we have our sleepy little village back to ourselves and everything is lovely and peaceful. Card image from...