Solar Generation

Solar Generation

Solar Generation - Averages and Extremes

Date: 21st May 2024
Update Time: 8:33 am
(update rate: 10 mins)

Solar Array: 4.32 kW
Battery Capacity: 5.8 kWh
Force Charging: On

All Time Highs

Maximum Daily Yield: 29.800 kWh
Recorded on: 14th Jun 2023

Maximum Power from Panels : 5389 W
Recorded on: 15th Jul 2022 at 2:13 pm

Highs This Year

Maximum Daily Yield: 25.750 kWh
Recorded on: 20th Apr 2024

Maximum Power from Panels : 5366 W
Recorded on: 24th Apr 2024 at 1:21 pm


Average Daily Yield: 11.01 kWh
Average Daily Maximum Power: 2745 Watts

Average Monthly Yield: 325.8 kWh

Average Daily Yields and Maximum Power by Month
Total Monthly Yields
Total Annual Yields

Total Yield Today: 2.500 kWh
Total Yield Yesterday: 19.114 kWh

Total Yield this Month: 318.060 kWh
Total Yield this Year: 1347.740 kWh
Lifetime Yield: 10098.93 kWh

Recording Started on 16th November 2021