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A Solar Year

The weather has been terrible lately, so much rain and wind every day hat it has barely even gotten light. It’s a good job we have the Christmas decorations up to brighten things up a little. The solar panels haven’t been producing much. The daily yield graph for the past 20 days from my solar...


Woodcock in the Garden

Look who I found hiding in the undergrowth in the garden this morning. A Woodcock. I assume there’s something not quite right with him but he seemed fairly happy and scuttled off once I’d taken a photo. I’ll shall check on him again later of he’s still there.

Bee Pool Party 1

Bee Pool Party

The bees seem to be loving the new garden pond. There were literally hundreds of them all lined up along the edges at the weekend. We had a hedgehog visitor at the weekend too, and there was a cool photo of a stoat on top of a fence post in the dunes here posted on...

Hanging Around 1

Feeding the Birds

We haven’t fed the birds here for a while. But, seeing as the garden was becoming more wildlife friendly with the introduction of a pond, I thought it would be nice to do so. The addition of a pond actually meant moving the water feature and reinstating the pump. The birds have loved this during...


Summer 2023 Continues

Well, the weather seems to be showing no signs of breaking yet. Every day for the past 3 weeks has seen wall to wall sunshine. Strong NE winds blow all morning as well and often continue to blow all day until evening. We’re talking 30 knots plus all day long here in Ynyslas. Of course,...

Sea Pink 1

A Sea of Pink

The estuary looks lovely at the moment with the grassy salt marsh completely covered in a sea of pink.

Hoverfly 0

Bee-ing Prepared

It was something of a mixed bag over the winter for our bees. One colony that was huge in the autumn died off whilst the colony that had taken up residence in the hive near the bedroom window did quite well. This colony had continued to expand throughout the Spring and was now looking quite...

Pools 1

Changes on the Beach

Things continue to change on the beach here. They change every day of course and that’s part of the beauty of living by the sea. Winds, tides and the seasons change things day by day. No two days are ever the same, but there have been some longer-term changes happening lately that may not be...

Sunrise in Wales 0

Sunrise in Wales

Just a pretty photo of this morning’s sunrise – no filters applied, this was straight out of the camera. Impressive colours and note that our lawn is neat and tidy already thanks to the robot mowers!


A morning amongst the willow

You’d expect my new role as ‘Digital Content Manager’ for the Biomass Connect project to be mainly desk-based. It is really as I’m responsible for the project’s website, it’s social media, it’s webinars, it’s newsletter and publishing all of the digital content. This includes technical articles, factsheets, podcasts, videos and such like. So, when given...