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Failed Sealant 0

Fish Tank Rebuild – Back to the Drawing Board

Well, the more substantial repairs that I made to my Aquatlantis fish tank didn’t last long. I refilled it earlier in the week hoping that the repairs would hold up. Within about 8 hours though they had failed so I’m back to square one. The sealant holding the brace to the side of the tank...

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Fixed Fish Tank 0

Fish Tank Rebuild – Refilling

Well, after rebuilding my fish tank last week, I left it over the weekend with very little water in it so that the sealant could fully dry. Today I refilled it gradually with water so as not to stress the fish too much and so that I could keep an eye on the structural integrity...

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Wooden Brace 0

Fish Tank Rebuild

I’ve had a few issues with my Aquatlantis Fusion fish tank lately. As I mentioned back in February, the main brace that holds it together across the top of the tank had fallen off. I glued it back on, but as the tank had bowed a little there was quite a big (0.5-1cm) gap between...

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Bracing strip hanging into water 0

Aquarium Issues

I haven’t mentioned my aquarium or the aquascape within it for quite a while. It was all looking really good lately though and the plants, fish and shrimp inhabitants were all doing well. That was until I noticed the bracing piece of glass in the middle of the tank had fallen off! Actually, one end...

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Aquascape 0

Aquascape Update – Soda Stream Cylinder

The CO2 soda stream cylinder in my aquascape finally ran out over Christmas so I replaced it with a new one. That’s not bad going seeing as it’s been injecting CO2 into the tank since August. Most people seemed to suggest that a small Soda Stream cylinder¬†wouldn’t be sufficient for a tank this size but...

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Aquascape with Fish 0

Aquascape with Fish

Just a quick photo of my aquascape with fish in it. If you look closely you can see the Golden Pencilfish that we added recently. Aquascape with Fish You can also see the Nymphoides on the left hand side – that’s the bright green plant at the back, and some new Anubius plants in the...

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Golden Pencilfish 0

Golden Pencilfish

We have some new inhabitants in the form of Golden Pencilfish in our Aquascape. I’ve been wanting a school of fish in there for a while and had toyed with the idea of Rummy nosed-tetras, but in the end decided that Golden Pencilfish (Nannostomus beckfordi), also known as Beckfords Pencilfish would be nice and a...

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Oto and Shrimp 4

Aquascape Maturing

It seems as though I finally have an aquascape maturing. The new Otocinclus inhabitants seem to be making themselves at home and making friends with the shrimps. There are some red cherry shrimps in there too but we rarely see them. Aquascape Maturing The plants are growing well now and the addition of CO2 seems to...

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