3rd Time Lucky

After two fairly unsuccessful sessions yesterday I was hoping it would be 3rd time lucky. The wind was forecast to drop so I headed out early to try to catch it before it died.

Once on the beach things didn’t look too promising but I rigged my 5.7m sail and big 104ltr board with my biggest 33cm fin. I wasn’t expecting much but once on the water I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was nicely powered up. I do like my 5.7m Gun Horizon sail. It’s not particularly early to plane but if I can get going then it generates plenty of power. Once up to speed it generates it’s own power and it feels windier than it really is. Perfect for today.

I ended up having an hour on the water nicely powered up for some relaxed cruising.

New Fin

Time for a new fin

I did managed to break the head of my fin somehow but didn’t notice until I was de-rigging afterwards. I’ve ordered a new one as a replacement already. To be honest, quite a lot of my kit is fairly old at the moment so there may have to be some more windsurf kit shopping soon.

It was quite interesting to look at the speed and heart rate trace afterwards as well. I’d never really noticed it before but it looks more like an interval workout. Strangely, every time I gybe there is quite a spike in my heart rate and then it eases off as I’m sailing along comfortably on each reach. You can also see that the gybe between mile 6 and 7 must have been quite a good one. My Heart Rate spiked as with all of the other gybes but there wasn’t any loss of speed. If only they were all like that.

Windsurf Heart Rate Trace

No photos or video today though as I wasn’t expecting to actually get going.

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