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Drone shot 1

Action Cams for Windsurfing. GoPro vs Insta 360

Capturing the thrill and excitement of windsurfing can be challenging, but with the rise of action cameras, it has become easier than ever to record your sessions on the water. I’ve had a GoPro for many years. I got my first one back in 2010 when they released the first HD version of the camera....

Schwarzsee Panorama 1

Lake Schwarzsee Panorama

I’ve now had time to play with some of my photos taken in Austria… I just can’t get enough of this view from the shores of Lake Schwarzsee. Not a bad photo taken on an iPhone 4 either.

Vibration Control (VC) switch 0

Tamron Superzoom

Amazon.co.uk Widgets I haven’t really done much proper photography lately. These things do tend to wax and wane though so no doubt I’ll go on some photo-walks soon and get back into it. One of the reasons has been that my array of lenses has been less than ideal for a while. Originally for my...

Andromeda 4

Andromeda through my Meade 15mm Eyepiece

Christmas may only be a distant memory now, and my birthday was a couple of weeks before that, but one of my birthday presents was a Meade 15mm eyepiece for my Skywatcher 130 telescope. I have briefly used it once or twice since then but Sunday night was the first time I got to use it properly. This isn’t...


Aerial Kite Photography

Well, that didn’t quite go to plan. The idea was to head over to the beach to make the most of the sunshine, get the kites out, fly them for a bit and then mess around trying to attach my GoPro to them to do some aerial photography. Morgan and I headed over with all...

Thrush 1

More Winter Birds

I still haven’t managed to get any really good photos of the birds that have been in the garden during the snow. I’m not really patient enough to sit out there hidden away somewhere so I’ve taken a few photos through the conservatory windows instead. They aren’t the cleanest conservatory windows at the moment so the...

Elephant Hawkmoth 2

ABKA Photo Comp 2012

We had the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association photo competition on Tuesday evening. Vicki who was orgainsing it this year had put a huge amount of effort into it so there were some really good prizes up for grabs. We however didn’t really put much effort into it this year as we didn’t have much time so...

Saturn 1

Photos of Saturn

After our successful viewing of Saturn on Friday night, Morgan was excited about staying up on Saturday night to have a look for himself. We’re not sure if it was the prospect of seeing Saturn for the first time or the staying up late that had him excited, but with clear skies it promised much. Venus was...

Goldfinch 1


Goldfinches – They have to be my favourite garden bird and although we don’t get that many of them we do usually have a pair in the garden now and then during spring and summer. They are pretty spectacular but I haven’t yet taken a photo of one in the garden. They appeared yesterday though...