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We’ve been pretty happy with our broadband ever since we were one of the first households in Wales to get Fibre direct to the Property back in 2016. I still don’t know why we got it then, but at the time going from 1.5Mbps download speed to a 52Mbps download speed was quite a revelation. We were ahead of most people for a change and we could actually have lots of devices connected at the same time.

Since then we’ve upgraded now and then and managed to save some money in 2020 by upgrading to a 500Mbps connection.

I always knew that our direct fibre connection was capable of more though. Recently, the discovery that EE offered a 1.6Gbps connection on our line had me wondering. It would be quite nice to have that sort of speed just for the bragging rights. It wasn’t cheap though so instead, sticking with BT, I upgraded to the 1 Gbps service. It doesn’t seem to have made much difference to the speeds of devices on the Wi-Fi network. I’m not sure what is slowing things down there as I still only get speeds on Wi-Fi Devices of around 300Mbps.

The wired connection is different though as I’m getting speeds that are consistently in the 930Mbps range. The upload speeds aren’t too shabby either.

Fibre Speeds at Home
Fibre Speeds at Home

I’ll have to do some investigation into why the wifi speeds haven’t improved as I can’t go around drilling holes in all the walls just to get devices attached via ethernet and most of the devices can only connect via wifi anyway.

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