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Woodcock in the Garden

Look who I found hiding in the undergrowth in the garden this morning. A Woodcock. I assume there’s something not quite right with him but he seemed fairly happy and scuttled off once I’d taken a photo. I’ll shall check on him again later of he’s still there.

Hanging Around 1

Feeding the Birds

We haven’t fed the birds here for a while. But, seeing as the garden was becoming more wildlife friendly with the introduction of a pond, I thought it would be nice to do so. The addition of a pond actually meant moving the water feature and reinstating the pump. The birds have loved this during...


Summer Sea Birds

After a few weeks of fairly miserable weather, and a horrible bike ride on Sunday morning in constant rain and murk, the weather took a turn for the better yesterday. An amazing contrast from cold, grey and wet to glorious sunshine and scorching temperatures. It reached 24.3ºC yesterday according to the Borth & Ynyslas Weather...

Goldfinch 2


Nice to see that my lack of work on the garden lately has it’s benefits. Goldfinches feasting on leftover seed heads.

Big Garden BirdWatch Results 2013 1

Big Garden BirdWatch Results 2013

That’s the Big Garden Birdwatch done for another year. As usual during the hour that we allocated we didn’t really get anything exciting, except for a load of Lapwings. If it had been last weekend then the list would have been full of thrushes and redwings but we saw none of these today. As always...

Thrush 1

More Winter Birds

I still haven’t managed to get any really good photos of the birds that have been in the garden during the snow. I’m not really patient enough to sit out there hidden away somewhere so I’ve taken a few photos through the conservatory windows instead. They aren’t the cleanest conservatory windows at the moment so the...

Redwing 0

Snowy Birds

All the snow we’ve had recently has meant that there have been plenty of birds in the garden looking for shelter and food including Redwings and a Snipe. I couldn’t get close enough for a decent photo of either though, mainly because Morgan was chomping at the bit to get out and play in the snow so...

Tuatara 0

Kiwis, Caves and Snow-Capped Volcanoes – New Zealand Day 14

It’s Monday and we are still having the holiday of a lifetime in New Zealand. We awake to a damp drizzly day in Otorohanga, have a shower and breakfast in Camp Kiwi and then take the 30 second walk to the Kiwi House. The Kiwi House We are the first ones in and are treated...

Goldfinch 1


Goldfinches – They have to be my favourite garden bird and although we don’t get that many of them we do usually have a pair in the garden now and then during spring and summer. They are pretty spectacular but I haven’t yet taken a photo of one in the garden. They appeared yesterday though...

The Sounds of Spring 0

The Sounds of Spring

I had a gorgeous run last night. The clocks have gone forward, the evenings are long and the weather is as good as it could be. I wasn’t supposed to go for a run but I couldn’t resist it so headed off down the beach towards Borth. The beach was quiet with only a few people wandering...