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Red Flagged Sessions 1

And the latest injury is…

There’s always something isn’t there. The latest injury is barely an injury at all, but it’s still preventing me from doing much training. Coming Back from an Achilles Injury I hadn’t been able to run for a couple of month thanks to an achilles injury. Rest was the name of the game for my achilles...

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New 5m Sail 4

Windsurfing in June

Strong winds – 30-40 knots WNW Big(ish) Waves – 3-4 foot messy surf Sunshine New sail – 5m Gun Transwave New Harness – Gun Trion An Hour or so to spare All adds up to big fun and sore ribs! All felt fine with the new kit and I was well powered up and flying...

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Llandudno 1

Wales Coast Path Run – Conwy to Rhos on Sea

Coast Path Vital Stats Conwy to Rhos on Sea Distance: 13.80 miles Elevation Gain Today: 287m Highest Elevation: 142m Time: 3:17:42 Av. Pace: 14:20 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: Max Heart Rate: Calories: 2308 Totals to Date Total Distance: 396.48miles Total Time: 75:21:47 Total Elevation Gain: 10787 Total Calories: 37308 Distance to go: 499 miles Another day and another chance to complete...

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Warnings! 2

Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliffs Coast Path Run

I had a bit of a change to my usual Wales Coast Path Run this week. We were down on the South Coast so that Anna could attend a River Cottage HQ cheese-making course that I’d bought her for her birthday. So, while she was at that all day on Sunday I decided to run along the coast...

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AC Joint Arthritis 2

Shoulder Injury Diagnosis – Old Before My Time

MRI Scan Results I’ve finally had the results back from the MRI scan on my shoulder and a diagnosis. Essentially there’s some fairly extensive arthritis of my acromioclavicular (AC) joint. If you remember back to the New Year when my shoulder pain first occurred then I thought at the time that it was an AC joint issue....

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Fishguard Half Race Simulation 1

Race Simulation

My training for the upcoming Ocean Lava Half-Ironman distance triathlon has been going from bad to worse. In fact as mentioned previously I haven’t really been ‘training’ this year, just exercising. I’ve had a shoulder injury so no swimming. I’ve had achilles problems which has stopped me running a little. Then last week I had some...

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Wading to Holy Island 1

Maltraeth to Four Mile Bridge Coast Path Run

Coast Path Vital Stats Maltraeth to Four Mile Bridge Distance: 18.70 miles Elevation Gain Today: 332m Highest Elevation: 68m Time: 4:06:45 Av. Pace: 13:12 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 101bpm Max Heart Rate: 158bpm Calories: 1452 Totals to Date Total Distance: 262.72 miles Total Time: 48:44:59 Total Elevation Gain: 7349m Total Calories: 23209 Distance to go: 623 miles That was...

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Windsurfing – Back on Board

Those of you who knew me a few years ago won’t quite believe this, but it has been ages (literally months) since I’ve been windsurfing. So long in fact that I don’t want to look it up to see how long ago it was! This may not seem unusual to some people, but considering the...

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