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Redeeming our Tokens 1

Triple Treasure Hunting in Aberystwyth

Morgan and I tried some Triple Treasure Hunting in Aberystwyth on Tuesday. Triple Treasure Hunting Our Triple Treasure Hunting included Geocaching Pokémon Hunting Searching for Isaac Sweet Shop tokens Isaac Sweet Shop Tokens Isaac’s, the locally run sweet shop in Aberystwyth have hidden a whole load of tokens around town for the 12 days of...

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View From the Hide 0

En Route to The Lakes

At last, after a busy few weeks we were due for some rest and recuperation and the day had finally come for a trip to The Lakes. We couldn’t leave too early as we had phone calls to take, but we were on the road by 10:30 and apparently it would only take 4 hours...

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Sunday Morning Social Ride

Seeing as I can’t swim at the moment and therefore don’t go to the pool after my early morning Sunday bike ride, I thought I’d try for a Sunday morning social ride instead. There are a few groups that ride around here on a Sunday morning so rather than leave the house at 5:30am and...

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Looking Back at the Surf 0

Geocaching in the Hills

Day two of 2016 and we had to get Morgan out of the house again, so we had some nice easy almost drive by geocaching in the hills planned. Not much walking involved today just a quick cache and dash before heading into Aberystwyth so that Morgan could spend some of his Christmas money on...

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Geocaching Souvenirs 0

Geocaching Records – 2015

I think 2015 may have been our best year yet as far as geocaching records go. We’ve just finished the year off with two fairly quick and easy geocaches in a very wet and muddy Penglanowen Woods near Nanteos Mansion. None of the geocaches themselves were that notable but it’s a lovely little woodland than...

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Welsh Hills 0

Christmas Eve Activities

Christmas Eve Swim With Christmas Eve here, it was time to try to tire Morgan out a little so that he’d be able to get to sleep tonight before Santa came. I couldn’t sleep for some reason again so was up early, and Morgan was up quite early too, but we had some plans. So, after...

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Earthcache Day 0

A Geological Souvenir

It was International Earth Cache Day on Sunday, so as geocachers and geologists we couldn’t really not do a geological based Earth Cache to celebrate. Fortunately there was an Earth Cache that we hadn’t done at Devil’s Bridge so we saved it up and headed out there on Sunday afternoon for International Earth Cache Day 2015....

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