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Adventures in our canoe, surf ski races and kayak challenges.

Hill Reps 0

After the Storm

After the crazy few days of weather thanks to Storm Emma with a healthy helping hand from Ivor, things finally quietened down on Sunday. There was still plenty of snow lying around here and there even at sea level and plenty more in the hills, but the destruction caused by the storm was clear. Storm...

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Cold Water Surf Ski

It may have been minus 4ºC and snowing but that doesn’t stop me. In fact, I was quite warm in my 3/2mm summer suit once I got working fairly hard. Even my bare hands were OK. First I played in the small waves as a warm up, then I did 8x ¼ mile intervals with ¼ mile recoveries into Borth...

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Van Life 1

Another Activity Weekend in North Wales

The fact that things have been organised so that the Colwyn Bay Ski races and the Llyn Padarn Kayak Time Trials occur on the same weekend makes it worthwhile making the 2 hour trip to North Wales for me. Not that the 2 hour trip to North Wales isn’t always worthwhile. It always is and the...

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