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Green Pug 2

Entomology – Bees, Bugs, Moths and Flies

It’s only 6:15am on Saturday and it’s already been a busy weekend full of entomology. Bees After finishing work on Friday Morgan and I headed home. Anna is on the Isle of Man so it was just the two of us again. The skies were overcast but the winds had at least died so it was...

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Ynyslas Skies 5

Bees and Moths

Saturday morning was a lovely affair. Pretty chilly mind you with the temperature dropping overnight to 10ºC but the morning skies were huge with wispy clouds first thing. We’d put the moth trap out so once Morgan was up we had a quick look through the catch. There was nothing unusual but we haven’t had...

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Chevron Moth 0

Mothing again

After our Barbecue on Monday night I decided to put the moth trap out – probably for the first time this year. Here’s the haul: Poplar Kitten x1 Small Wainscot x3 Small Square Spot x4 Common Wainscot x 7 Large Yellow Underwing x 7 Dark Arches x 11 Flame Shoulder x 3 Single-dotted Wave x...

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Pink-barred Sallow 0

Pink-barred Sallow

We put the moth trap out the other night. There wasn’t a huge number of moths in it by the morning but there was a new garden record for us in the form of a Pink-barred Sallow. Elsewhere in the moth trap were: 3x Large Yellow Underwing 6x Setaceous Hebrew Character 6x Small Square Spot...

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Chinese Character 0

Masses of Moths

Loads of moths in the moth trap last night: 1x Ruby Tiger 2x July Highflyer 2x Heart and Dart 1x Crescent Dart 6x Shuttle-shaped Dart 3x Common Footman 1x Rustic 1x Drinker 1x Scalloped Oak 1x Elephant Hawkmoth 6x Dingy Footman 4x Oligia sp. 2x Single-dotted Wave 1x Antler Moth 2x Shore Wainscot 1x True...

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Brussels Lace 0

Last Night’s Moths

The weather is nice at the moment so after a nice geocache walk with first the beavers and Cubs, and then the Scouts last night we put the moth trap out. We aren’t getting huge number of moths at the moment, but I have a feeling that the bulb in the trap could do with...

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Pine Carpet 0

A New Garden Moth – Pine Carpet

Morgan and I managed to put the moth trap out over the weekend. There weren’t loads of moths in it by the morning, just 12, but the trap did have to compete with the new garden lights so that may have had something to do with it. There was a new species for our garden...

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Nesting Holes 3

Building a Bee Hotel

I’m not really sure what brought it on but late on Sunday afternoon I suddenly had the urge to build a bee hotel. We’d already inspected our honey bees during which Moirgan was stung by one, but I persuaded him to come out into the garden again to help. It had warmed up a little now,...

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