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Borth Rain Data 0


The 2018 drought and heatwave continues. There was a brief respite over the past few days and that maybe partly my fault. The lack of rain prompted me to do some work on the Borth & Ynyslas weather station website pages by adding a ‘rainfall’ data page. For some reason I never added this when I...

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New Website Features 0

Features of the new look website

The new look to our website is coming on well. The actual look was fairly easy to set up as I used a lovely looking Theme called Hueman that had most of the features I wanted. I have however tweaked it via a child theme to fit my needs and added a few other things....

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Before and After Responsive Website Redesign 4

Website Redesign

I hope you’re liking the new look of our Simple Life of Luxury website redesign. I decided it was time for a revamp and an opportunity to make the site more responsive and therefore mobile friendly. I also wanted to make it look a little more modern, bright, cheerful and provide more emphasis on the images...

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Browsers 0

Password Managers – LastPass, 1Password and iCloud Keychain

I’m forever advising clients about online security and the importance of secure, unique passwords, but it is amazing how lax some people can be with their passwords and how blasé they are with regards to online security. The Problem with Passwords Passwords of course aren’t the ideal way of protecting our accounts online for a...

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Web Browsers, Bricks and a Sneaky Surf Session 2

Web Browsers, Bricks and a Sneaky Surf Session

Another busy day yesterday and with such long days I tend to start at around 4:30am as the sunrise wakes me up. It started off with lots of computer work as I have a new website design project that I’m working on. It’s nice to get the creative juices flowing again and I’m quite enjoying...

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ABKA Newsletter 1

ABKA Newsletter Publishing

I’ve just finished the Spring edition of the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association Newsletter. It’s a lot of work writing the content, editing it, sourcing content and images and then desktop publishing it all ready for the members but I quite enjoy it and I’m always pleased with the result. Best of all, the association members seem...

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Website Design Screenshots 1

The Changing Face of Website Design

Whilst adding an image to a recent news post on my Website Design website I saw a gallery of images uploaded to articles over the past few years. I was struck by the way it looked so took a screenshot of it. These are of course all little snippets of designs I have produced over...

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700 Pages of Full Colour Glossy Memories

I wouldn’t like to say how long I’ve spent on it – hundreds of hours probably – but I’ve almost finished the printed version of our ‘Simple Life of Luxury’ weblog book for from 2010. The 2009 edition was 440 pages long and looks glorious, but the 2010 version should top that. It will be...

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