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Changes on the Beach

Things continue to change on the beach here. They change every day of course and that’s part of the beauty of living by the sea. Winds, tides and the seasons change things day by day. No two days are ever the same, but there have been some longer-term changes happening lately that may not be...

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Beach Features

The beach here has changed considerably over the past year or so. The submerged forest only used to be exposed on very low tides and usually only in a few patches. However, since the construction of the sea defences in Borth this has changed. The forest is now exposed in huge swathes all along the...

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Sneaky Surf Ski Session

I managed to squeeze in a sneaky little surf-ski session today. Nothing too exciting, it was just a little play in the waves before the tide got too high. I think I might need to find a more secure fixing method for my leash though. The little fixing point that is on my boat should...


Blowing away the Cobwebs

Just a few quick clips from today’s windsurf session. I had some sort of lurgy yesterday so didn’t feel 100%. In fact, I wasn’t going to do much today. After doing some chores and covering the Christmas cake with marzipan (two layers!) I took a stroll over to the beach. It was blowing a hoolie,...


Boxing Day in the Sea

Well, it’s been pretty grey here for the last few days. Cheerful enough indoors though and I of course couldn’t resist getting into the sea anyway. The beach looked quiet first thing on Boxing Day. There were rumours of a mas swim in Borth at Midday so I headed down there for a swim too....

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The Fish of Borth Reef

Just a few stills from yesterday’s snorkelling session on the Borth Reef. Plenty of fish out there which is good. The Fish of Borth Reef

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Ski & Surf

I finally got Morgan out in the surf again yesterday. Time to try out his new wetsuit, new gloves, new boots, new hood and new surfboard. It was a little bigger out there than it looks from the video and the GoPro angle is a bit off but I still got some footage, including a...

Snowfall on the beach 0

Surf Skiing in the Snow

That was a nice way to start the day. 0ºC and light snow as it got light, but virtually no wind and just a small swell on the sea. I had a surf ski training session planned so headed over to the beach as the snowfall intensified. Wearing just a 3/2mm wetsuit seemed a little...


Winter @ Ynyslas

It may be the depths of winter. It may be cold. It may we grey, damp and miserable. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun here at Ynyslas. Surf Skiing to Borth and back. Surf skiing in the waves. The first after work, sunset windsurf session of the year too. Near freezing temperatures and dark...

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Getting to Grips with the Rough Stuff

My learning continues in my surf ski and I’ve been getting to grips with the rough stuff. I know, I know, I should really be working on paddling technique and efficiency as that’s what I’ll need for races, but I just can’t resist getting out and playing in the waves. I’m sure it’s a fairly good...