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Ynyslas Groynes 0

Ynyslas Groynes

Just some pretty pictures of the Groynes at Ynyslas from our beach photo walk on Sunday, I hope you like them. We should get out for photo-walks in the local area more really as it’s always nice to spend time outside and to get some good photos for the weblog in the process. It’s surprising...

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Aberystwyth Seaside Triathlon 2012 Photos

Well, the first ever Aberystwyth Seaside Triathlon was a roaring success. I hope everyone had a good day. I’m sure the competitors won’t agree with me but I reckon helping to organise and marshall all day is actually harder work than when I’m racing. I’ve now uploaded the photos I’ve taken to the Aberystwyth Seaside Triathlon...

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Misty Hills on Dartmoor 0

Misty Hills

I’ve always liked photos of hills in the mist receding into the distance at sunset – I just never get the opportunity to take photos of them myself, but whilst chilling at the campsite last week the opportunity presented itself, so here’s the view across Dartmoor from our tent.

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