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Fossil Tree Stump 2

Beach Features

The beach here has changed considerably over the past year or so. The submerged forest only used to be exposed on very low tides and usually only in a few patches. However, since the construction of the sea defences in Borth this has changed. The forest is now exposed in huge swathes all along the...


Ynyslas Perfection

My usual morning routine is to get up at around 5am, chill for a while eating breakfast and getting the fire going. I then start work early. After an hour or so of work and as the sun rises I generally wander over to the beach to take a look. It’s nice to grab a...

Surfing 1

A Snowy Surf Ski

I’ve not long got back from a nice Sunday morning snowy surf ski. We did have some snow here this morning, but only a light covering and it didn’t last long. There is of course plenty in the hills. Unfortunately the hills are just a little too far away to get to without driving. Driving...


Pushing the Limits of the land

I had a busy day today but did manage to finish work on time. I therefore headed out for a nice walk along the beach and ended up pushing the limits of the land. The weather was grey, misty and damp and my walk happened to coincide with low tide. It was a fairly big...


Golden Hour at Ynyslas

I only just managed to get a bit of a walk in today before it got dark. It did mean that I was treated to a sublime sunset as I did so. First Aberdyfi was glowing in the golden light ahead of me. Behind the sky was aglow and reflecting on the unusually calm waters...

New Curved Channel 1

Shifting Sandbanks

Early Morning Windsurf I popped out for an early morning windsurf session between the sandbanks in the estuary this morning. High tide was around 7am, but sunrise wasn’t until 8am so I couldn’t really get out before high tide. I therefore left it until it was getting light before heading to the estuary. I rigged...


Clear and Bright at Ynyslas

Nothing much here, just a photo of Ynyslas from a clear, bright and quiet day last week.

Windsurfing at Ynyslas 0

Full on Windsurfing at Ynyslas

Well, I did say that Friday afternoons windsurf session would be a warm up for Saturday and that was indeed the case. Saturday morning was pretty grim. Stormy NW winds, lots of rain and cold too. Not very inviting after the sunshine on Friday. Things were set to clear up a little though so eyes...


Windsurfing at Last

Thanks to lockdown, it’s been ages since I’ve been windsurfing. I put an end to that today though with a nice session of the seafront. Having not been out for a while I was likely to be a bit rusty. The wind was NNW which is an unusual tack for us as well so that...


Pandemic Perambulation

With the lockdown still in full effect and a recovery day on the cards for me I decided to make the most of my allocated outdoor exercise with a nice easy walk. It was chilly in the breeze and there were April showers promised so I had a raincoat with me just in case as...