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Sun, Sea and Sand

There’s nothing to see here, just a normal day at Ynyslas. Everything you’d expect from the beach really, sun, sea and sand. It was just turned up a notch thanks to the fact that I was sharing it with Ivor, our local Katabatic wind…. he’s a rascal!!!


Sunrise at Last

Finally, after what feels like weeks on end of very wet, dark and dreary days, there’s a glimmer of hope. The sun has finally made a re-appearance with the first sunrise we’ve seen for ages. After weeks of numerous shades of grey it’s nice to see some colour again.

Ynyslas 2

Golden Day

Well, the lurgy that I’ve got finally abated just enough for me to go for a gentle stroll on the beach here at Ynyslas. Nothing too strenuous as I didn’t want it coming back, but the beauty of the beach is that it’s only 100m away and it’s flat. What’s also nice at this time...

Gybing 1

The fastest way to Aberdyfi

Autumn is here and I’ve just got back from a nice windsurf session courtesy of some autumnal winds. It’s definitely beginning to feel a little cooler out there and the conditions are feeling less like summer, despite the sunshine. The winds were dead Westerly. So, my initial plan had been to wait until around 1:30pm...

Spray 1

Summertime Shreddin’

It’s not often in Wales that it’s too warm in the sea with a thin 3/2mm wetsuit on, but it was today. What’s more, there was a perfect 25 knots of wind, the sun was shining and the tides were just right. There was no option but to spend the day windsurfing! I was perfectly...


Summer 2023

I know it’s still only May, but 15 days without rain here in Wales definitely counts as summer! Temperatures have been up close to 20ºC every day, and everything looks lovely. Coupled with another bank holiday weekend that we’ve just had and it almost feels like a holiday now and then! Most days start with...


Summer Windsurfing is Here

What a session that was!! After a 20-mile lunchtime bike ride doing 3-minute intervals, it was back to work while the wind filled in. By 2 pm it was blowing a hoolie, so it was off to the beach for a windsurf with Alistair. The skies were blue, there were white-caps covering the sea and...

Pools 1

Changes on the Beach

Things continue to change on the beach here. They change every day of course and that’s part of the beauty of living by the sea. Winds, tides and the seasons change things day by day. No two days are ever the same, but there have been some longer-term changes happening lately that may not be...

Simon Wing-Foiling 1

Windsurfing with my own ‘mini-drone’

The wind was supposed to be blowing on Saturday, but the tides were high around midday which kind of made it difficult to get out on the seafront. As it happened there wasn’t much wind in the morning anyway so I jumped on my turbo trainer for a nice little sweet-spot ride instead. I say...


Ynyslas Dune Walk

I don’t need an excuse to go for a walk around the dunes at Ynyslas – I do it most days in fact. However, I wanted to try out my Insta360 camera so took it on my usual little walk. I’m not really sure how to shoot with it yet or how to edit the...