Jubilee Weekend

No real Jubilee celebrations for us here over the weekend but it was nice to have some time off. I took a days holiday and had 11 days off in a row thanks to weekends and bank holidays!

Diving in Spain

Morgan was off diving in Spain with some friends. He’s completed his Open Water Diver qualification and has done some fun dives since. Hopefully we’ll have a full update from him once he returns this week. We have had a few photos sent through though and it looks as though they are having fun.

Llyn Clywedog

Anna and I had a nice little drive to Llyn Clywedog. We took the scenic route there, stopped for coffee and cake and then headed into Llanidloes. 

Sofa Shopping

We’ve been wanting (needing?) new sofas for years. We’ve looked for new ones several times but have never been able to find any that we like, can afford and that fit into our rather modest living room. We therefore popped into Hafren Furnishers. We soon found a couple of sofas that we liked and that would fit. Affording them was a different matter as they were from a top of the range manufacturer. We wanted two two-seaters but they were £3149 each. There was an electric recliner version that was on offer but it wasn’t the ideal colour, it was discontinued, it wasn’t perfect and there was only one of them. The discount wasn’t enough to make it worthwhile. We had a bacon sandwich and a think about it. We got some more prices and haggled a bit but left empty handed saying we’d think about it.

Back at home we did some more research, made some decisions and then emailed with a bit more haggling. Best price we could get was £2319 each, quite a discount from the original £3149 but still a lot of money. Mind you, I do say that Anna’s main hobby is being a ‘sofa bear’. The sofas do get a lot of use so maybe it was time that we had really nice sofas. After all, I’d spend that much on a new bike or a new surf ski for my hobbies and they are nowhere near as comfortable as a sofa!! Our minds were made up. The order was placed and now we have to wait the standard 20-24 weeks for them to arrive. 

Wet Weekend

The actual weekend was fairly wet and miserable. No problems there as it meant I could get out for a windsurf session in the estuary. It was a good session too. Nicely powered on a 4.5m sail and 85ltr board. We sailed across to Aberdyfi and it was nice to see 8 windsurfers out in total.

A nice long weekend, back to business as usual now though with work for Anna and I and exams for Morgan – somehow I doubt that he’s done much revision whilst in Spain. 

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  1. Monday, October 24th, 2022

    […] not sure why, but sofas always seem to have a long lead time after ordering them and we ordered these back in June. They weren’t cheap either thanks to the fact that we went with some top-notch Norwegian […]

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