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Christmas Day 2022

It wouldn’t be Christmas with a Christmas Day blog post. To be honest, there isn’t a huge amount to blog about really. You could probably look back to the Christmas Day blog posts from the past few years and it would be almost the same! That’s not a complaint of course, more an observation that...

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Christmas is Coming!

Having spent the weekend in Bristol for our annual family gathering, it was time to get the goodies out for Christmas and stock up the treats table. There’ll be no dieting here for a while! As usual, the weekend away was a little hectic. We couldn’t leave as early as usual as Anna was playing...


Up with the Christmas Lights

Yeah, “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas”. Well, it kind of is thanks to the fact that we put the Christmas lights up at the weekend and it’s been super cold, frosty and there’s snow. You can’t beat Christmas lights and snow to make it feel like Christmas. So, it might be a...

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Christmas Lights

I know, I know, it’s still November – mentioning Christmas on my blog should be illegal. Don’t worry, we haven’t gone mad and put up the Christmas lights too early. However, we had an evening in Aberystwyth on Saturday for the turning on of the lights there. We were there because Anna was playing in...



We had our usual fairly quiet Christmas here this year. No early morning wake up calls from Morgan to see if Santa had been. Now that he’s a grumpy teenager it was quite the opposite in fact. We finally managed to get him out of bed at around 10am. The weather reflected the grumpy teenager...


Santa at Sunset

Even Santa can’t resist an Ynyslas Sunset! Merry Christmas everyone! If you were expecting a card from us then don’t blame the postie, it’s not lost in the post, instead we’ve made a donation to charity. This year it was a charity that, if you’ll expose the pun, became very close to my heart. Due...

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Lighting Up!

It’s that time of year again – time to for lighting up the Christmas decorations. New this year is a santa sleigh and reindeer, some stars for the hall and little houses for the window sill.


A Christmas Eve Run and Walk

I had hoped to go for a nice hill walk on Christmas Eve. Nothing too extreme, probably just a walk up Cadair Idris. The icy temperatures and strong winds would have made it fairly exciting at those elevations. Unfortunately lockdown meant that we weren’t allowed to travel and were supposed to be staying at home....


Our Christmas Cakes

Anna said it would be nice to se all of our Christmas cakes that we have made, so here they are. Click to enlarge. Which is your favourite?


A Santa Christmas Cake

We have only five days to go, and a son who is slightly less enthusiastic about cake decorating than he used to be. A simple, not too time consuming design was therefore the order of the day for this years Christmas Cake. To be fair, I think that’s actually the secret to success when it...