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A Snowy Surf Ski

I’ve not long got back from a nice Sunday morning snowy surf ski. We did have some snow here this morning, but only a light covering and it didn’t last long. There is of course plenty in the hills. Unfortunately the hills are just a little too far away to get to without driving. Driving...


Peaceful Estuary Seclusion

Just a couple of photos from today’s paddle into the estuary. I started from home, headed along the beach, into the estuary and then off to my favourite little secluded beach. Not a bad spot for a couple of photos.


Fun Little Waves

Some fun little waves at Ynyslas today. Nothing too extreme, just a nice mellow wave-riding session. There was even a brief appearance of some sunshine – sort of!

Paddling Out 0

The End of Lockdown Number 2

The End of Lockdown 2 Lockdown Number 2 in Wales came to an end on Monday. There was only one thing for it and that was to get out on the water. To be honest, other than not being able to go paddling, windsurfing swimming or do any other watersport, lockdown number 2 wasn’t that...


Surf Ski Session

It’s Tuesday morning and I’ve just got back from a fun little surf ski session. There’s nothing unusual about that as I’m always up to such things, but it’s nice to blog about them now and then. Today’s surf ski session saw light NE winds, temperatures just below 10ºC and a variety of water conditions....


More Estuarine Adventures

With the temperatures about to tumble by the second half of the week it would have been rude not to make the most of the summer weather today. After a couple of days windsurfing in the crazy winds of the estuary it was back into much calmer estuarine waters. To Aberdyfi and Beyond There was...


Summer’s Back

After a week or so of slightly dreary weather, it would appear that summer is back. I’ve got nothing against the ‘dreary’ weather of course. The rain was good for the garden and the wind was good for windsurfing so I’ve been fairly happy. There were some pretty big waves at times too. These waves...


Paddling along the Coast

With the weather set to change tomorrow I thought it would be a shame not to make the most of the sunshine today with a paddle along the coast. It wasn’t quite as hot as it has been with temperatures around 19ºC but the sun was shining there was a light breeze and everything looked...


Scorchio Surf Ski

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far according to the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station at 24.8ºC. We broke that today though with 26.7ºC – scorcher! It’s not a record for the month of May in Wales, but it’s not far off. It was such a nice day that I just had...


Social Distancing on the Sea

How’s this for Social Distancing. Miles from anyone and not a soul in sight. Just me, my boat and I! There was quite a stiff breeze blowing though so things were a little choppy in places. All good fun though and a way to stay sane in these times of uncertainty. Followed by some gardening,...