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What a spot! 1

The Wild Welsh Wilderness

Having been away for work last week we had a fairly quiet weekend. I did some work in the garden and we headed out to Cross Foxes on Sunday for a Mother’s Day lunch – well, Morgan isn’t here to treat Anna, so I did instead. I of course went along for the meal too....


Sun, Sea and Sand

There’s nothing to see here, just a normal day at Ynyslas. Everything you’d expect from the beach really, sun, sea and sand. It was just turned up a notch thanks to the fact that I was sharing it with Ivor, our local Katabatic wind…. he’s a rascal!!!


Sunrise at Last

Finally, after what feels like weeks on end of very wet, dark and dreary days, there’s a glimmer of hope. The sun has finally made a re-appearance with the first sunrise we’ve seen for ages. After weeks of numerous shades of grey it’s nice to see some colour again.


The Crazy Weather of Ynyslas

The weather has been fairly unusual across the UK these last few weeks. No rain and wall-to-wall sunshine is quite strange at any time of year for the UK. Ynyslas has been no exception in this regard. The weather station here has had notifications such as this for days. It hasn’t rained at all since...


Summer 2023 Continues

Well, the weather seems to be showing no signs of breaking yet. Every day for the past 3 weeks has seen wall to wall sunshine. Strong NE winds blow all morning as well and often continue to blow all day until evening. We’re talking 30 knots plus all day long here in Ynyslas. Of course,...


Summer 2023

I know it’s still only May, but 15 days without rain here in Wales definitely counts as summer! Temperatures have been up close to 20ºC every day, and everything looks lovely. Coupled with another bank holiday weekend that we’ve just had and it almost feels like a holiday now and then! Most days start with...


Miserable March

The weather forecasters have been going on about how wet March was. The long-term average for Wales in March is 118.5mm in March. Many places saw double that. We’re actually quite a lot drier here on the coast than in the rest of Wales. We never get that much rain so making comparisons with the...


Remote Climate Control

It was the coldest day of the year so far today. A chilly -5.6ºC was recorded on the weather station at 6 am this morning. It did rise to above freezing, but only just, topping out at 3.8ºC this afternoon. It’s quite nice having remote climate control in the car on mornings like that. I...

Ripples in the Sand 0

The Heatwave Cometh

We’re due another heat wave later this week. Not crazy hot this time here but still temperatures up into the high twenties. It was absolutely gorgeous out there this morning though. Sunny skies, temperatures a pleasant 20ºC and just a few small fair weather clouds. The sea was calm and there were large mullet breaking...


A Passing Front

We had a classic Frontal System pass over us earlier today (around 11am). After the hot temperatures and calm conditions it was suddenly all change. The temperature (seen as the green line in the chart above) suddenly dropped like a stone. It fell by over 10ºC in the space of half an hour. The Windspeed...