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A Sunny Winters Day at Ynyslas

It was one of those quiet weekends before Christmas here in Ynyslas. The sun was out so not only were we generating plenty of energy from our solar panels but it was a nice day for a stroll on the beach too. When I say plenty of energy from the solar panels it is of...


All Calm at Ynyslas

All was calm on the beach at Ynyslas yesterday, with some nice views across to Aberdyfi.


Summertime Continues

Summer has continued here in West Wales. For a start, according to the weather station we are currently at 17 days and counting without rain. We also hit a maximum temperature for the year of 31.1ºC recently. We could do with some rain though just for the sake of the new lawn. Talking of the...

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Chilling in the Garden

Temperatures were in the high 20’s at the weekend. Skies were blue and breezes were light. I’m not permitted to do much at the moment so other than the odd walk much of the weekend was spent chilling in the garden. There are lots of candy floss colours around the garden at the moment. The...

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May Rain in Borth & Ynyslas

Well, after a very dry April the rain in May has certainly made up for it. It feels as though it’s been raining non-stop for weeks here in West Wales. So far in May, the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station has reported 123mm of rain. The usual average rainfall for the month of May in...

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Rain at Last

That didn’t really feel like a bank holiday weekend. I think its the fact that things still aren’t back to normal due to Coronavirus. We can’t complain though as it had everything we needed. Cycling, running, kayaking, swimming in crystal clear waters, a walk at RSPB Ynyshir, windsurfing, a Spicery meal and some rain at...


Easter Weekend Winds

That was a nice Easter Weekend. I had a bit of a sore back so took things easy, not much real training therefore but the odd windsurf, some surf skiing and some work in the garden too. Strong NE’s It started with Ivor, out katabatic wind doing his thing. That means crazy winds and mad...

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It’s only going to be short-lived, but it was summertime here at Ynyslas today. It was pretty chilly to start with which was ideal as I had a run session to do. I therefore got that in before it warmed up. It was nothing too exciting, just a run towards Tre Ddol and back with...

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Spring is Here

No doubt it won’t last long, but it feels as though Spring is here. The skylarks are singing, there is a definite dawn chorus and I even saw my shadow whilst walking back from the beach, which means the sun must be out. What’s more, I mowed the lawn at the weekend as well. I’ve...

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Frosty Temperatures at Ynyslas

Brrrr, it’s another cold, frosty one today. The coldest so far this year again at -4ºC. The Borth & Ynyslas weather station was reporting a ‘feels like temperature’ of -9.7ºC That’s pretty cold for around here at Sea Level and the coldest temperatures we’ve seen for a while. It’s all change next week though as...