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Springing through the Storms

Despite a certain amount of neglect and being constantly battered by storm after storm things still seem to be coming along in the garden. Narcissus, Daffodils, Primroses, Crocuses and snowdrops are all out and flowering. The Hellebores are still going strong and even the rhubarb is coming on well. The bottom of the garden is...


Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis

It looks as though we are about to be hit by another storm. Storm Dennis is following hot on the heels of Storm Ciara. There is quite a lot of flooding locally and a fair bit of damage was done along the seafront in Borth and Aberystwyth but for the most part the sea defences...


Hectic Travel Plans for Anna

Anna’s Mum (who lives on the Isle of Man) has been in hospital in Manchester for a few days, so Anna had been on standby to collect here from the hospital and escort her home once she was discharged. Anna got that call on Monday afternoon and so left work and jumped on the train...


Wales Coast Path Run – Cardiff to Rhoose

Coast Path Vital Stats Cardiff to Rhoose Distance: 20.46 miles Elevation Gain Today: 405m Highest Elevation: 75m Time: 3:21:26 Av. Pace: 9:51 mins/mile Calories: 1641 Totals to Date Total Distance: 699 miles Total Time: 129:40:42 Total Elevation Gain: 20991 Total Calories: 63717/li> Distance to go: 391 miles What a day for a Coast Path run. I’...


The January Doldrums

I’ve been trying to think of things to add to the blog over the past week or so, but we just haven’t been up to much really. I guess it’s just the January Doldrums. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s miserable and more often than not it’s dark outside. We’re back at work, Christmas seems as...


Signs of Spring?

It doesn’t feel as though we’ve even started Winter yet. Regardless, there are already signs of Spring in the garden with Daffodil shoots, Periwinkle flowers, flower buds on the Hellebore and even some rhubarb shoots breaking through the soil. It’s not looking very Spring-like out over the sea this morning though.


Huge Skies

Huge Skies and some big waves at Ynyslas today. Not a bad sunset either! Shame I’m suffering with some sort of man-flu lurgy otherwise I would have been out there playing in the sea.


A Wet Windy Weekend in Wales

Another wet and very windy weekend here in West Wales. We don’t let that stop us though. A good Spring clean (even though its Winter) early on Saturday morning without waking Anna and Morgan meant that the house was ready for the Christmas decorations to go up. It’s surprising what you find under the sofa though!...