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Welsh Hills 0

More riding in the Welsh Hills

Just a couple of photos from a cold but pleasant ride in the Welsh Hills at the weekend. A good way to burn off the Michelin Star calories!

Ready for Adventure 0

Adventures in North Wales

Surf Skiing in Conwy I arranged to meet some fellow surf-skiers in Conwy on Saturday. I thought I could make a weekend of it. Surf Ski somewhere a little different for a change, do some mountain biking and then sleepover in the camper and continue my Coast Path run project on the Sunday. The Facebook...


A Day at Coed y Brenin

Monday started off cold and frosty as we loaded up the car for a day Mountain Biking at Coed y Brenin. I was running the last of my 6 assessed coaching sessions towards my Level 2 Cycle Coaching Certificate so we were meeting all of my students there for a final few tips and a...

Nant-y-Cagal 1

A Slippery Slimey Ride

I’ve been getting out on my mountain bike a bit more lately. I’ve been organising Night Rides everyone Monday evening and they seem to have been going down well. There seem to be new faces each week as word of the rides spread and most people seem to be enjoying it and coming back on...


Outdoor Pursuits in Aberystwyth

Considering the amount of time I used to spend windsurfing, surfing, mountain-biking and other such Outdoor Pursuits I have been fairly lacking in such activities lately. Other things seem to have taken over and there just aren’t enough hours in the day and days in the week to fit it all in. Triathlon training certainly...

Mountain Biking in the Rain 0

Mountain Biking in the Rain

What with autumn well and truly here, riding my bike on the roads isn’t quite as much fun as it is in the summer – I don’t mind the cold and rain, it’s just not so safe in the dark with cars and lorries sharing the road too. On top of that I’m supposed to be doing...


A Soggy Cycle to Nant y Moch

With Wales in the grip of some proper autumnal weather we thought it wise not to head off too high into the hills today so instead planned a little ride from Pendam out to Nant y Moch, with a few geocaches to maintain our consectutive days geocaching record. It was blowing a hoolie up there...

Playing in the Hills 1

A Ride to Nant y Moch

It was the last day of Half Term and finally I had a day that I could spend with Morgan. So, after a few chores around the house and a little bit of work we headed up to Pendam for a mountain bike ride. Morgan wanted to head out to Nant y Moch, but I wanted...


MTBing Pendam

With Anna working on Saturday, Morgan and I went out for a nice little mountain bike ride together. It’s about time Morgan went out on his bike as he’s barely been on it since getting it last October. That’s partly our fault for not offering to take him out more often, partly his fault for...

New Bike for Morgan 1

Time for a New Bike

No, unfortunately it’s not for me, as I stopped growing many years ago and therefore have no legitimate justification for a new bike every couple of years. Morgan on the other hand is still growing and therefore has. Thankfully the Isla Bike , a Beinn 20 Large, that we bought for him two years ago...