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Garden 2

Garden Lighting

The garden is beginning to look nice ready for summer. I neglected it a little last year as there just wasn’t enough time to fit it in with all my training and everything else, but I’m determined to get it looking good again this year. This is especially true as it’s our 10th wedding anniversary...

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Nesting Holes 3

Building a Bee Hotel

I’m not really sure what brought it on but late on Sunday afternoon I suddenly had the urge to build a bee hotel. We’d already inspected our honey bees during which Moirgan was stung by one, but I persuaded him to come out into the garden again to help. It had warmed up a little now,...

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Garden 1

Mother’s Day Weekend and Spring is in the Air

The weekend turned out quite nice in the end. After a fairly damp camp with the Scouts up at Devil’s Bridge on Friday night, the sun came out on Saturday and temperatures reach 17.3ºC, the hottest day of the year so far. A First Time for Everything I spent the afternoon cleaning cars and working...

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New Lawnmower 0

A Day in the Garden

Following our walk along the beach in order to complete the Earth Cache at Ynyslas it was time for a day working in the garden. Winter has certainly taken its toll on the garden, the crazy storms, record breaking winds and flood have all had an impact and the garden has only just started to...

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Hellebore 0

Is that the Spring that I See?

I don’t think anyone would deny that we’ve had a fairly awful winter so far this year. It hasn’t been cold yet, but it’s just been wet, windy and miserable. There does seem to be hope on the horizon though. There’s a brief respite in the stormy weather today, the wind has gone and it isn’t raining at...

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Mole Hills 0

Getting Rid of Moles

Our entire garden seems to have been taken over by burrowers. Does anyone have any good techniques for getting rid of moles? The garden was looking a little neglected anyway as our lawn-mower is broken and I’ve had very little time to work on the garden lately, but the moles have certainly not helped. In...

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Green Garden Goodness 1

Green Garden Goodness

Plenty of Green Goodies coming from the garden at the moment… Served up with some minted lamb tonight which is currently filling the kitchen with a glorious smell as it roasts in the oven.  There’ll be some roasted carrots and sweet potato too just to add some colour. And I’ve knocked up a quick chocolate cheesecake too...

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Rock Cottage 0

Pontrhydfendigaid Open Garden, Snorkeling and a Carnival Queen

I’d like to say that yesterday was day 22 of summer, but although temperatures were still up into the low 20’s and when the sun came out it was lovely, there were quite a few heavy showers around and things were feeling a lot less summery than they were. Typically this is often the case...

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Pontrhydfendigaid Open Gardens 0

Pontrhydfendigaid Open Gardens

Just thought I’d promote this as it sounds like a really good idea for the weekend. Not only will we get to have a nose around other peoples gardens but we’ll be donating to Wales Air Ambulance at the same time. Hopefully some of the gardens that will be open will be ‘normal’ gardens as well rather...

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