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An Afternoon in the Garden

After our poppy making at the Wonderwool Wales Festival on Sunday morning, we drove home and collectd Morgan on what was now a gorgeous day. It looked likely to be the last day like this for a while though as the weather was set to take a turn back towards winter. The sunshine and temperatures...

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Getting on Top of the Garden

Bank Holiday weekend and a chance to do some gardening. What’s more, I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to get on top of things out in the garden and all is looking well. There’s not much to see at the moment but things are well on their way. The Lawn The lawn has been mowed...

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Springtime in the Garden

Spring is here and the garden is bursting into life. We’ve had a lot of rain though so much of it is still under-water. This has been causing issues with our plumbing as well as preventing me from doing any work in the garden. The water feature has quite a pond surrounding it at the...

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Autumn in the Garden

The temperatures are dropping, the nights are getting longer and things are coming to an end in the garden. The courgettes are still going but aren’t producing at the rate they were. There’s still plenty of flowers out but it’s time to start tidying things up and preparing for the winter. I cut back lots of...

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Powys Castle

Our annual Beekeepers Association day out was to Powys Castle this year. We hadn’t been there for a few years so decided to join in, and took a friend of Morgan’s along for the day too. We all met in the car park, paid our entrance fees and then let Ann sort out the tickets....

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Ripening Reds

Arrrggghhhh…. No more courgettes please! We’ve given loads away, we’ve had courgette soup, courgette cake, courgette and chocolate cake, courgetti spaghetti, lasagne made with courgettes rather than pasta, courgette salads, more courgette cakes, courgette fritters, courgette meatballs, courgette bread, yet more courgette cake, and courgette in just about every other meal we’ve cooked. And still...


Busy School Holidays РWindsurfing, Pok̩mon and a Courgette Glut

The lovely summer weather seems to have deserted us as usual for the school holidays. This is a shame really as I have loads of time off work thinks to the fact that I worked lots of overtime earlier in the year, so I’ve been at home with Morgan. We haven’t been put off by...

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Garden Produce

It’s wet and dreary out there at the moment so I’ve spent the morning in my shed. It’s not all doom and gloom in the garden though as the veg patch is providing us with plenty of garden produce. Here’s today’s harvest. We’ll be having courgette fritters for lunch, and no doubt courgette cake for pudding!

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A New Beekeeping and Gardening Store

The back (south) side of our house is a long narrow strip of land that has previously housed a couple of small sheds two waterbutts and a has become a bit of a dumping ground. The sheds were storage for gardening and beekeeping equipment. The area did have a raised bed that was never very successful...

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And so the Garden Grows

The longest day has been and gone and the garden is growing well. I thought I’d share a few longest day photos from the garden with you. The veg in the new raised bed is now growing well. As always when you first plant them out there seems to be huge amounts of space in...