Stretching the Weekend

Having worked additional hours on Wednesday and Thursday I’d hope to finish early on Friday thereby stretching out the weekend a little. As is often the case things cropped up at work and I ended up staying there until later than usual anyway. So much for my plans!

Not to worry though we still managed to pack plenty into the weekend. The weather was nice once again so much of it was spent outdoors. There was the usual activities for me.

Sea Swimming

My sea swim was lovely. Nice calm waters, the sun was shining and the water has warmed up loads too. I headed into Borth with the tide and had intended to walk back. Swimming was almost as fast as walking though and I didn’t want to stop so I swam back against the tide as well.

Mountain Biking

There was a nice mountain bike ride in the hills too. Nothing too cazy, just a longish, slow ride up through Artists Valley and back down again.

Surf Skiiing

There was a fun surf ski. This was nothing extreme either, just a steady paddle into Borth, around the reefs and out to the Camels Humps and then back. The 8 knots buoys are out so they provide a nice line of points to follow.

Stretch Tent

Anna and I also paid a visit to the ‘stretch tent’ at Ynyshir Restaurant. We’d had an email from them that had been sent to all their Take Away customers. It thanked us for supporting them throughout lockdown by buying take aways and asked us to join them for a drink in the their new facility. What clinched it for us was the fact that the first drink was on them! It was a nice afternoon so we drove the short distance to Ynyshir and relaxed for an hour or two under their tent.

It’s quite a nice location for an outdoor bar. The tent itself provides some shelter – either from the rain or the sun. It is however outdoors so is safer from a Coronavirus point of view and in many ways nicer at this time of year anyway. It was all very relaxed and the first drink was indeed on the house. We did stay for a second of course and no doubt other people stayed for several more so I’m sure Ynyshir did OK from the gesture of thanks! They weren’t doing food in the tent which was a shame, but apparently they will be soon.


There was plenty of garening done at home. The main task this weekend was to resurrect the water feature. The pump needed replacing as it hadn’t been working for a while. It’s all fixed now. The water is bubbling away, there’s the sound of water in the garden once more. The birds and bees will appreciate it and so do I. I did of course give it all a clean out, re-wired everything and even dug out all of the surrounding stone chips and washed them off.

Water Feature
Water Feature

The bees were inspected and all was looking good. I even added an extra super to the larger of the colonies. Fingers crossed they’ll start filling it up with lovely honey for us. Elsewhere in the garden thigs are looking lovely. I think this is my favourite time of year in the garden. Everything is growing well, there’s plenty of life and colour but things have yet to get too unruly. Even the wild bits are wild but not too messy.

The irises are putting on a show. The lupins are flowering nicely. The rain drops and dew on the leaves of the lupins and day lilies looks nice. The red elder is flowering too and the flowers on the palm tree contine to develop.

The days are stretched out too at the moment with lovely late sunsets from the patio.

Sunset from the patio
Sunset from the patio

Stretched Cat

Finally, as this post has so far been about stretching out the weekend and some time in the stretch tent, here’s a photo of Cosmo our cat stretching out to full length!

Cosmo Stretching
Cosmo Stretching

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    sounds a nice relaxing week end ours was nice but not relaxing, as we (including Trudi) had kia’s three children on Saturday to help out, so took and watched Ryder’s swimming lesson, which of course was very hot sat upstairs in Yate swimming pool ,then went to a lovely park for a play, home for a picnic lunch in Trudi’s Garden, left Daddy at home, went to another park then delivered all three back to Kia’s. Went back home did some gardening.
    Sunday kia kia announced that she was going into yate for some shopping with the two girls in tow, I didn’t think it was a good idea as she had been having various signs of being in labour, so I tagged along and we met Trudi there too ,came home and a couple of hours later got a call asking us to have the two girls as they were getting bored waiting for the baby to arrive . Yes she was in full labour at home five hours later we were taking the girls back to meet their sister .Ryder had once again helped his Dad, this time with midwives present, to deliver his sister.

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