Hibernation for Hector and Harriet

Hector and Harriet our robot lawn mowers have been busy since Spring. They head out several time a day whatever the weather to mow the lawns. They’ve done well, and have kept them looking constantly neat and trim. We decided over the weekend that it was time for them to have a rest and to go into hibernation for the winter. We could leave them out a little longer. In fact, I had intended to wait until the first frost, but as it’s now the middle of November it seemed time to give them a rest.

Despite not having mowed the lawn once myself this year, their hard work has paid off and the lawn currently looks like this.

Robot Mowed Lawn
Robot Mowed Lawn


The grass is still growing, but the days are short, the temperatures are gradually dropping and the rate of growth is slowing. Time therefore to give the robot mowers a final charge and turn them off for the winter. The two mower robots were given a good clean by Anna. Their base stations were cleaned too. The base stations have been disconnected from the mains and packed away for the winter too. Once cleaned and dried they have been left to hibernate in the conservatory for the winter.

Hibernating Mower Robots
Hibernating Mower Robots

Let’s hope it’s not too long before we can wake them up again in the Spring. Hopefully they’ll come out of hibernation just in time to keep the grass neat and tidy for another year. Definitely a good buy, and they have performed better than we expected.

Meanwhile, in the house, Burgess the robot vacuum cleaner has no such luxury. There’s no hibernation for him, he has to go out and clean everyday of the year. I guess we could give him Christmas day off if we’re feeling generous!

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    Still looks lovely !

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