Chilling in the Garden

Temperatures were in the high 20’s at the weekend. Skies were blue and breezes were light. I’m not permitted to do much at the moment so other than the odd walk much of the weekend was spent chilling in the garden.

There are lots of candy floss colours around the garden at the moment.

The summer bulbs are growing well too and will soon be putting on a bright display. The garden often lacks colour in late summer so hopefully things will be different this year.

The Marguerites are looking good as usual. I’ve even planted some out the front along the fence will will brighten up the roadside somewhat.



I did have a chat with the cardiac rehab team. I was hoping to be allowed to do something little more strenuous than a walk. That’s not the case yet though. I am allowed to walk at a faster pace but only for a short distance and under no circumstances should I run.

As it’s now the sixth week since my heart attack I will try to do a 6 mile walk one day this week. I have picked up the pace on a short, 2.5 mile loop from home as well. Today it was done at an average pace of 13:52/mile. It’s going to be difficult to walk much faster than that without ‘race walking’ which just looks silly!


Whilst chilling in the garden I decided that maybe I should grow some bonsai trees. I’ve always wanted to do why not give it a proper go. I might even go on a course to get some hands on tuition. It should be a good, relaxing hobby to help with stress levels and should be something I can do while convalescing. They’ll look nice as a little display in the garden too. Although, as per usual it might simply be too exposed and windy for them here.

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